Some serious shiz is about to go down.

Sydney's POV

After I talked to the receptionist, I got moved to one of the guys rooms which really shouldn't be that bad...right?

I bumped in to Shelby on the way to my old room to get my luggage.

"Hey watch where your going b-oh hi Sydney." She says with a devilish grin.

"Just the person I was looking for." With that same smirk.

Hayes POV

"What's up aaron!" I say while doing the "bro hug" and saying hi to one of my favorites from magcon.

"Nothing much. I heard a hot new girl is moving in with matt tho."

"Huh. She must be hot then."

Sydney's POV

"How could he do this to me?" I thought to my head after I see a picture of Noah and some girl kissing. And the caption saying "spending our 1 year anniversary the right way<3"

I headed out of the lobby with tears staining my face and puffy red eyes most likely.

After getting my bags together I head to room #209.

"I ran in the room with my new key and completely collapsed on the bed with my face buried into the sheets and pillows.

"So you must be Sydney." Someone said making me jump. I slowly lifted my head up to be blinded with 6 packs and a towel around someone's waist. I look up to see...oh he's matthew from vine!

"Oh I'm sorry." I say apologetically.

"Hey it's okay, newbie." He said with a cute smirk.

"Oh how completely foolish of me! My name is Sydney." I say while chuckling.

"Matthew." He says while we shake hands.

"So what brings you here to magcon?"

"Uh my best friend, hayes brought me here." I say.

"You two have a thing going on or?"

"NONONONONO! I mean no umm yeah he's currently dating and if you haven't guessed I'm now single."

"Oh. What's with the crying?"

"That explains why I'm single." I say already feeling happier.

"He dumped you?"

"Nah. We are technically together still but I have to call it quits. Actually I'll do it right now."

"Broke your heart?"

"More like cheated my heart." I say while dialing Noah's number.

"Excuse me for a second matt." I say while putting my hand on the phone.

"Hi Noah. We need to right now."

"I'm kinda busy.."

"Busy with your girlfriend."

There was no reply witch means I was correct.

"Listen Sydney-"

"No. You listen to me Noah. We are don't. Over with. Not together anymore. Have a horrible day." I say with a smile.

I ended the call.

"Your nice."

"And your half naked. Can you like put some clothes on?" I say trying not to be rude.

"Yeah." He laughs heading towards our closet.

Chelsea POV

I really should be glad that Sydney's gone but I'm sad. Only because she's the only person like me- except well she's pretty even with the nerdy dress wear. In fact, I heard some say she was hot.

I noticed its 1:55 which means my...meal is going to be here any moment.

I take off my sweats and glasses- yes I'm a nerd okay. I was bullied a lot so I decided to switch schools and change my personality. I hate my new one but I was not living the nerdy life. I even got the principal to buy my disguise with just a few flirting tricks my best friend, Yummy Lexi, aka the best stripper in town.

I change into this new red linguire jumpsuit. It's very sexy and it's basically a v-string attached to a Lacey bra. I put on loads of make up and my black heels. I rip body oil to make me look wet and and use a vibrator to also make me wet in the no-no spot. Well for Chelsea- the yes-yes spot.

I absolutely hate this act.

My real name is Olivia Lanchard but everyone knows me as "The Hottest Girl Who F*cks" or "Chelsea Valentine."

The nerd in me says no way but my stage act must continue the show.

I hear the doorbells ring and get in my sexiest position on the hotel bed.

Sydney's POV

Me and matthew hung out a lot more that day. We even planned a laser tag "date" so I can beat his butt. Thanks to matthew I completely forgot about Noah.

I didn't even need icecream or netflix!

I called hayes still laughing at matts dinosaur impression.

"Hey hayes!"

"Hi Syd!"

"My new roommate is amazing!" I said while winking at matthew.

"That's it with matt by any chance."

"Yup! How'd you know."

"You want me to be complete honest?"

He asks.

"Of coarse."

"My friend, aaron, said to me that you are really hot and are rooming with matthew. Apparently everybody besides matt and me of coarse thought the same and knew matt was lucky."

"Oh." I say while blushing really hard.

"Did he tell you something sweet." Matthew whispered in my ear, now sitting next to me on the bed.

"No. Apparently everybody thinks I'm "hot." Including you." I say while whispering and poking his chest.

He immediately blushed-a very cute one, and ran back to his bed.

"Why are you narrating my moves? And I know I'm cute." Matthew says.

Did I just say that out loud?!

"Yeah you did." Matthew also says.

I blushed really hard because apparently sometimes my mouth doesn't shut up.

"Anyways hayes, how old is matt?"

"16 like us."

Don't get all Kung fu because I know he turned 17 -_-

"Is he single?" I ask hoping he didn't hear.

"Yup. And your not so why are you asking?"

"Well I am now."

"You broke up with Noah?!"

"He cheated on me!"

"Oh. In that case I'll just give him a piece-"

"No thanks hayes. Thanks to matthew I didn't need any icecream and I already got over it. That kid can really put a smile on anybody." I say while smiling at matthew who is very interested.

"Okay." He it can't be....jealous!?

"Bye." I say and I hung up.

"So I'm cute you say?" Matthew says with a smirk.

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