Sydney's POV

Today was my 6th day here on magcon and the boys took me in like we are already family! So sweet. Sadly, chelsea is apparently Taylor's cousin which means she will be traveling with us too. On the bright side, today I get to kick butt in laser tag with matthew!

After thinking for about a few minutes, I get up and instantly feel a throbbing headache. NONONONONO.I CANT BE SICK!

I really don't want to let down matthew. Just suck it u-

"Ugh." I say while lying back down holding my head.

"You ok?" Matthew says while putting his shirt on.

"Obviously not." I say while stifling a forced laugh.

"I can stay i-"

"Nonono I don't want to put your fans in disappointment." I say while giving him a smile.

"Okay Syd. I'll call you every 15 minutes. Okay?" Matthew says while giving me a sweet smile.

"Okay." I say while giving it back.

After matthew left I decided to call up one of the boys who isn't doing the meet and greet today.

"Hey taylor, umm can you come up?"

"I knew you want some of this." He said and I know he's probably smirking.

The funny thing is, he's not even physically sexual. He's very awkward and funny and he's still a Virgin which I think surprises everyone. He's not to mention cute but aren't all the guys?

"Just come up taylor please." I beg.

"Save the begging for the bed."

"Shut up and get your a$$ over here." I say while hanging up.

My phone rings again and I answer it immediately thinking its taylor.

"Taylor Michael Caniff, if you don't get your butt up here now, I will do whatever it takes to make you as sick as me. Then when your weak, I will continually kick you in your balls until they fall off. Kappish?"


"RENEE!!! How have you been?"

"Horrible. Especially since you've been having the time of your life!" Renee desperately sighs.

"Relax. I'm sorry but everything happened so fast. I moved, hayes grier is my bff, I got a bF, I went to magcon, I broke up bc of his cheating, matthew espinosa is taking me on a date, and now I'm sick, waiting for taylor to help me."


"I'm sorry."

"Well lucky for you, I'm going to la so I'll see you tomorrow!"


"Goodbye Sydney." She says and hangs up.


I feel so much better. I guess I can get up and make myself a cup of tea. Yumm.

I get up and the familiar feeling comes.

I guess I'm still sick.

"no I can't lift the weight." My ringtone sings.


"What soup do you like?" Taylor asks.

Yeah I have shawn mendes songs as all the guys ringtones but I mean, what's wrong with that?

"Broccoli cheddar"

"Not chicken noodle soup?"

"No." I reply.

"Okay. Any drink of choice?"

"Can I just have some warm tea please?" I ask with my sick voice.

"Anything for you."

"Thank you so much taylor. You are the best sick person helper ever."

"How many do you know?"


"Okay sugar pie. See you in 5"

"Ok tay-tay" I hang up and close my eyes a bit until I hear a knock.

"Come in taylor." I say.

My eyes are still resting until I feel something over my eyes. When I try to talk, I realized my mouth is covered in duck tape. When I try to take it off, my hands are tied together.


I start moving my arms and legs and I successfully got on the floor and started running.

Phew, that was a close one.

Again I'm lifted off by now 3 people who are holding me way too tight.

"Let me go." But my voice was muffled so it sounded like I said "lasagna".

I then felt the cool breeze of the aid and shivered. Right, I'm sick so this can't be good.

Luckily the car was warm- but on the unlucky side, I was stuck in a truck. Hehe I RYTHMED.

Confession. I'm super duper weird when I'm nervous.

I managed to rip off the duck tape with my tied hands.

"Am I in a febreeze commercial? I always wanted to be n one of these. Oh I souls act like I don't know. Btw you may wanna spray again because it smells like hairspray and that is not a good scent! Als-"


"I thought the febreeze guys were nice? You guys are ratty and probably ugly too."


"Oh no! Did messed up Barbie forgot to Paint her nails today?" I asked shocked.

"Shut up or you will regret it."

"I have done self defense since I was 5 so I suggest to make a reminder saying not to touch me."

"Oh looks looky. Boyfriend stealer thinks she can beat the 5 of us! Ha! Got tie her bandana hard and make sure her hands are behind her back. Stat!"

"That's pretty foolish to say your plan." Sudenly the girls come and I instantly slam both of their heads together. Once they fall to the floor, I kick them a few times in the gut. I was about to punch the one girl and get the hell out of here when a fun is in my face.

"Move one more inch, and I'll pull the trigger." I ended up coughing in her face because I'm sick.

"Sorry but you got me at a bad time. I'm sick for gods sake!"

Then I take a look at the people who I hit and the person who has the gun.

Oh snap Sydney. You are in some serious shiz.

I haven't posted in 2 weeks! WHATS WRONG WITH ME! I've been busy is what.

I've been busy with all my social media websites so yup.

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