Sydney POV

For the next few data I've been hanging out with hayes. I'm basically welcome at his house now.


S: hey hayes can I come over

H: yeah I have some people I want you to meet


H: one is your age and the others are super nice I think you'll like them

S: what's theyre names

H: Shelby, Alana , and grace

S: is Shelby ur gf

H: yup and I think it'd be nice if you met her so she knows were just friends

S:sounds good be they're in 10


Since I'm still in my pjs I go change into my Abercrombie lace shirt and some American eagle lighty ripped shorts.

I put on mascara and I'm heading out the door.

"Hey hayes" I say as giving him a friendly hug.

"Hey Syd. So let me introduce you too Alana.."

"Hey!"she says.


"hi Syd!" Grace says

"and ummm shelby."

"Ummm hi or whatever. Hayes can I hang out with you guys" she whines.

"What you don't like us?" I joke.

"No I was just kidding." She says snappy.


Hours pass and I'm having a lot of fun. Grace is so funny and so pretty. Her and nash are the cutest.

Then there's Alana who seems like a sister too me already. She's beautiful and so sweet and she's defiantly perfect for Cameron from what hayes had told me about Cameron.

Then there was Shelby. Really she's nice and sweet and funny but I was getting a bad vibe from her. She's perfect for hayes but I think she's jealous.

I'm gonna leave but first I'm gonna say bye to everyone of the boys. I'm about to go down until Shelby stops me.

"Listen Sydney don't take hayes from me because he's mine and I don't want him to fall in love with you so send him the vibe you don't want him Kay?" She says. Jealous much?

"Yea and you're in luck I don't even like him." I push her out of my way and male my way downstairs.

I'm honestly not scared cause I know she loves him and I'm not gonna get in between that.

"Bye Cameron and nice meeting you:)" I say while hugging him.

"Bye nash thanks for letting me over." I say as I hug him and then I whisper "grace is a keeper" and instantly he blushes and says "thanks." Aweee.

"And bye hayes. Text you later." I say while giving him a big hug. It was so big he lifts me off the ground. Wow hope Shelby didn't see that.

"Bye Syd" he says back.

I go home and take a shower, get out change into my silk pjs my grandma got me and I fell asleep.


H: good morning beautiful.

I woke up to that text message. What?

S: what?!

H: oh that was for Shelby

S:oh ok

Oh thank god.

H:wanna watch a movie?

S: ya how bout' we go to the park at 3 and come back at 5 and watch a scary movie at my house.

H: sounds good:)

S: oh what movie

H: umm "It"

S: oh my gosh that clown movie. Could you sleepover then? I am gonna get really scared and my parents and sister are out at a friends house and sleeping over.

H: ya that's be cool.

S: Kay cya then.

I got up and took a shower then changed into my American eagle tshirt and American eagle shorts.

I put on some gold sandals and waited till the clock turned 3.

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