Hayes POV

I woke up today feeling completely salty from the beach yesterday.

I took a warm shower and changed into my jack and jack shirt and some khakis. I put on my black vans and went out to my balcony.

I smelled the fresh ocean air that I love.

I looked strait ahead to find...wait....a girl? No one had ever lived there in 5 years.

Oh well I don't care.

"HAYES, NASH, SKYLYNN HONEY COME DOWN" my mom practically screamed. I ran downstairs to find our family sitting at the dining table.

"Ok everybody. We have a new neighbor right next door and I asked if we could have a neighborly dinner at there house. We will be leaving in 5 minutes and I want you to be nice. Hayes I heard there's a girl your age and skylynn I heard there's a girl who is close to your age. Make them feel welcome!!"

"Ok mom" we said in sync.

We walked over with my moms famous pie and head over to "the roses house" or whatever. My mom wanted me to knock so I could be a gentleman or whatever. So I did.

Sydney's POV

I ran downstairs and told my mom I would get it. I Opened the door to find a very cute boy.

I must of been staring because I heard him say "ahem" to get me in focus. I felt heat rushing too my cheeks so I quickly turned the other way and told them to come in.

We greeted everybody. I greeted skylynn who was so adorable, then Nila, then chad, then nash, then the cute boy named hayes.

I could already tell he was out of my league so I bribed myself to think of him as maybe just a friend.

I could also tell London was having so much fun with skylynn.

It reminds me of me and Renee. Oh how I miss her:(

We all sat down and ate our food. Then came out this pie which was do delicious I couldn't help but say "this is the best pie in the world".

Elizabeth was very flattered by the compliment. My specialty.

My mom pulled me aside and said I want you to make friends with hayes. Show him the house, play xbox do whatever but you need to get your mind of Renee and the old house.

I was shocked at her comment but she's my mother so I did as what I was told.

"Umm hi umm I'm Sydney and you're hayes and of coarse you know that umm well do you want me too umm show you around the house or whatever if you want or"

"sure. Sounds cool."

Wow Syd that couldn't be any more awkward.

So I show him everyone's room and then mine and we went down to the basement and his eyes widened.

"What you play xbox?" I ask curiously.


"You wanna play?" I ask.

"Umm not really."

"Why cause I'm a girl?"

"Well actually yes"

"wow I do have feelings. So call of duty black ops?"

"Wait you know that game?"

"Uh duh doesn't every girl know that game?"

"Well no they play Hannah Montana and Dress up games. But yea I'm up to beating your butt."

"Okay game on!" I reply.

Hours drag on and soon my mom calls me on my phone.


"Hayes parents left"

"oh I'll tell him"

"2 hours ago."

"Oh ok' well hayes I had fun but You have to go"

"oh well maybe we can hang out tomorrow?"

"Sure here's my #xxx-xxx-xxxx"

"cool see you soon"

And then he left.

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