Character Descriptions

Hayes bestfriend: Sydney Rose. Age 16, skinny with curvy hips but slim hips at the same time. Has naturally tan skin. Dark brown eyes and wavy long dark brown hair. She is very insecure about her body so she doesn't wear crop tops and short shorts like other girls too. She's very tough, sweet, funny, smart, and athletic. She loves to read books.She has friends but only her 2 besties aka Renee' and Hayes.


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Cameron's Girlfriend: Alana Layes. Age 21, not anorexic skinny but medium ish. Has olive skin but a little tan. Dark strait brown hair shoulder length and dark brown eyes. She loves to play basketball anytime she gets. She's smart and talented and VERY popular. Dating Cameron Dallas.



Nash's Girlfriend: Grace Levine. Age 19, Skinny and very beautiful. Has tan but white ish skin. Has blonde hair that falls right by her chest and is naturally strait but she curls it a lot. has very deep blue eyes but not as bright as her boyfriend. She is on the volleyball tram and soccer team. Of coarse she is popular because of how good she plays at sports and guys drool over her but her eyes are only set on Nash Grier.



Hayes Current Girlfriend: Shelby Malcom. Age 16, Has white skin but not olive. She is skinny because of how athletic she is. Has very curly brown hair naturally but usually likes her hair strait and up in a ponytail. Has brown eyes. She is captain of the girls basketball team. She is super smart and friendly to everyone except for Sydney. She hates Sydney. Dating Hayes Grier.....for now(lol I mean Sydney needs some feelings for him like jeez)



The Exes: Hayes: B*tch who's only good at kissing and is very snobby. Hayes broke up with her cause he was feeling horrible after Sydney said how could you date someone like that.

Nash: Fangirl of Nash who was insane.

Cameron: She was everything Cameron looked for but he wasn't feeling it. he wasn't in love with her so they broke up. Sydney said to follow your heart and that's exactly what he did. More about the exes. They all became friends and wanted to destroy anyone who comes to their man. But they only have one target: Sydney Rose. Guilty of telling the boys to follow their hearts which ended up them breaking the hearts of the exes.

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