Hayes POV

When I woke up I took a nice long shower in my house.

I got out and tried to look good but not look like I was trying.

I mean I wasn't trying to impress Sydney or anything.

I then hopped on my bed and got a call from Shelby my girlfriend.

"Hey shelbs" I said.

"Hey hayes-e-boo, do you wanna go on a date today?"

"Sure lets go to the beach. Pick you up at 3:00pm"

"K see ya later and save those sweet lips of yours."

"Bye" is all I could say.

I then had to go change because of this unexpected date so I changed in my blue nike swim shorts and my nike sandals.

I completely forgot about Sydney crap. I'll text her and Tell her we can go to the local pool.

Sydney's POV

I woke up feeling flawless today. (Had to make a Beyoncé reference duh)

I guess this new house isn't as bad as I thought.


I went to go check on my phone and I got a text from hayes. He asked if we wanted to go to the park then the pool. I replied yup:).

I changed into my strapless one piece ruffled swimsuit. I'm not a fan of bikinis. I put on some shorts (not booty ones)

and told my parents where I'm going.

I headed over to the Griers.

"Hey!" I say.

"Hey Sydster ready to go?"

"Yup! And seriously nicknames?"

"Yeah. Ok let's go puffball"

*huff* I say as we leave.

We headed to the park and discussed some things that we like.

I found out he has a gf Shelby, he loves video games, he plays lacrosse and football, oh and he's famous but that doesn't really affect me.

"Sydney do you want to go to the pool now"


We head to the pool and he pushes me in the pool after I take my shorts off. I pretend I'm drowning and when he gives me his hand I pull him down.

I laughed so hard it was such a funny scene. Soon it was 3:00 and I was having so much fun!

"Sh*t I have to go Sydney talk to you later."

"Ok see you soon and please don't swear like that."

"Ok sorry mom" he laughed.

"Bye" I say as I give him a hug.

I hopped out and went home.

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