Sydney's POV


I go in his bag to look for dirty clothes when I find.....

A letter. And not just any letter but one that has my name on it. Should I open it or not I have no clue. Of coarse there is that killing diaries to open it but there's also the guilty ness in my chest if I read it and who knows it could be something that changes our friendship.

I decided not to open it.

Since hayes is out with Shelby I'm gonna go for a walk. But first I change into some jewled shorts and and a Holister designer tee since it's 81° out today.

I go outside and scan the neighbor hood. That's when I see a super hot guy my age walking too. I quickly act natural when he notices I saw him. I give him a sweet smile and he gives me a cute smirk back. Instantly I blush and turn my head. I then hear him say "hey wait come here." I quickly rush over and give him a "hi."

"Hey I haven't seen you around here" he says.

"Most likely because I just moved here." I say back.

He laughs. That's what I was aiming for. "So what's your name?"

"Sydney" I say while grinning.

"I'm Noah by the way." Wow Noah was just wow.

"Well I have to go but maybe we can talk sometime?"

"That sounds cool, what about tomorrow?"

"Cool! Just I think I might need your number." I say and I give a slight laugh

"Oh yea umm it's #" (pretend there's a number there.)

"See you then." I give him one of those smiles where your practically forced to smile back. It worked.

I rushed home and thought what I should wear. I know, I know it's tomorrow but I don't wanna be all rushy and stuff.

I picked out ombré blue denim washed shorts and a white tshirt that has jewls on the collar. I picked put an infinity gold necklace with gold sandals. I layed out my curling wand so I can make my curls a little less messy and my favorite water proof mascara.

I then got a text from hayes.

"Hey Syd I left my bag there. Ima pick it up now."

"I never noticed (note my sarcasm)"

"Oh I surely didn't notice. You didn't by any chance go in it?"

"Nah I just washed your clothes."


"Hey umm hayes I need your help on something so maybe if you could hang out a little bit longer?"

"Yup be there in 5"

"Minutes?" I ask.


I rush in the hallway and open the door to find hayes with a lipstick lip print on his cheek. I was trying not to laugh but I failed.

"What?" He asks nervously.

I hand him a mirror and instantly he rubs it off with his fingers and blushes bright red.

I must admit I was a tad jealous that I might never be able to do that but whatever

"So umm what did you wanna talk about?"

"Now reach in your inner girl self since I have no girly friends and think about this question"

"Okay I've reached it."

"Now umm what do you think of.....

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