Hayes POV

I walked to Shelby's house.

"Hey babe" I say as I give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hayes why are you wet?"

"Umm I went swimming with the neighbor."

"Really? I thought you liked me but instead you go on a date with a neighbor?"

"No I was just showing her around, and there's nothing going on."

"Ok babe but is that her?" She says while pointing at Sydney.

"Umm ye-" she cuts me off by kissing me on the lips and we ended up having a full makeout sesh. I hope Sydney isn't hurt but like I care about what she thinks or whatever.

"Umm wow Shelby well wanna go?"

"Yup" she says while intertwining our fingers.

Sydney's POV

Wow that was disturbing.

I went back inside after seeing a full on make out sesh with what I think is Shelby and hayes and washed my face.

I changed into my penguin pjs I got and decided to curl up in a good book. I decided to read the last book of the mortal instuments since I never got a chance to finish. Ahh clary.

I put my book down and decided to check social media. I first went on vine and found hayes and nash, wow millions? Never would of thought they were that internet famous. I went on Instagram and followed them too. I texted hayes if he had a snapchat but I wasn't expecting him too answer.








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