Sydney's POV

So u may be wondering why we saw an angry hayes. Well you see I don't know.

"Hey hayes!" I said. I noticed Noah and hayes had been giving each other a death stare.

"Bye babe" Noah said while kissing me on the cheek while I smile like a goof.

And Noah left right before hayes dramatically slammed his front door. Hello new people, I would like I introduce you to divalicious hayes.

*next day*

Hayes POV

I don't know why I was mad. I couldn't have been jealous. Or could I? My hormones want Shelby while my heart wants Sydney.

I got take a shower and get ready while looking my best. Me and Shelby are going on a date.

I wear a long sleeve red Abercrombie shirt with capri khakis. I wear gray sperrys with black/red elite socks. I comb my hair to the side and play on my phone for a bit.

A few minutes later I hear my doorbell. I go open thinking Shelby wanted to hang out before out date but only to find a blushing Sydney.

Wow she looks beautiful today. Her hair is perfect. She's wearing a blue lace hollister dress with some cheetah sperrys and a jean jacket. She put her hair behind her ear in that cute way girls do it.

I must've been staring because she said "ahem" and started giggling. I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks.

"Hey Syd. What's up?" I ask trying to change her thoughts. All of a sudden her face turned serious.

"Umm can we take this to your umm room?" She asked blushing hard.

"Yeah sure! Come on!" I say half excited half curious.

"Okay well your a good kisser." She says. Ok now I'm just 100% curious.
"So I'm not..." I'm really not good at figuring out so I give her the confused look.

"Can you just spit it out?" I snap only because of how curious I am.

"Fine. Teach me." She says while looking away.

"Teach you what?" I now snap because I'm angry.

"Teach me....teach me how to kiss.

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