Part 1 of last chapter.

2 weeks later....

It was September 3rd. Aka the day I dreaded to come.

My alarm clock didn't help my case.

"Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!" My mom calls me on my phone while I just grunt.

"No." I relied falling back to sleep.

"Get your butt ready for school or we will have some serious problems. Now hurry up!" I immediately jumped up out of bed and started to get ready.

I am NOT facing an angry mom on my first day.

After I got everything done, I wasn't trying to impress anybody so I simply went with a white lace pair of shorts (not shortys) and a see through plaid shirt with blue flowers on it, not to mention cropped. I put on a white tank top under. Slipping on some blue shiny sandals and a necklace Reneè got me when she visited 3 days ago. It was an anchor that said around it forever and always in white rewriting on the navy blue surface.

After making myself look presentable, I grab my bookbag that I set up the night before and head down for breakfast.

Before I even got to my door, a paper airplane shot through my room and whacked me into the side of my head. Normally it wouldn't hurt but it was ver sharp and not to mention a little heavier.

I grab the note and unfold it and see a bracelet fall out. I take it out and it says good luck sweetheart. -HG

I then read the note smiling and it reads

You may not be mine, but it won't stop me from loving you.- HG

Hayes has been sending me notes like these ever since we got back. I still need to remind him that I'm with taylor but that doesn't stop him.

Me and taylor have been going out for 2 weeks and it has been amazing. We are even going on out first date, next weekend. We've been calling eachother each night and my lilting for him grows a lot more.

Shelby and the exes are behind bars at the moment. They deserved what they got.

Because of the incident, Renee had to visit me in North Carolina instead of la.

Matthew and I are best friends now and he's amazing. He recently moved across the street and I have been hanging out with him and hayes most of the time.

Hayes and I, well were very complicated. He loves me and well, I love him but taylor feels right. Hayes has been doing whatever to get close to me, for example, if we played xbox, he would scoot closer to me so our shoulders were touching and whisper "remember when we first met."

It was cute at first but now it's annoying as heck.

He also cut his hair shock made him about 90% more irresistible for me to stare at but I'm not here to feed his ego even more.

And of coarse he just had to grow a 6-pack. Show off.

Hayes also became more and more popular and now girls are throwing themselves at him. I think it's disgusting.

So life has really changed in these past 2 weeks.

I slide the bracelet up my thin wrist and smile.

I look up after my long thought process to see hayes staring and smiling at me. I do the same back but adding a small wave.

I mouthed "thank you." While he mouthed "no problem."

I motioned for him to come in. He instantly hopped onto my balcony and came in.

"You look hot Syd." He relied with no shame.

"Shut up." I said trying to hold back the blush.

"Like it?" He was most likely referring to the bracelet.

"Love it." I said while grinning. He then walked up and we hugged until my sister cleared her throat.

"I'm telling mom." She stared to mock me.

"Just because you are going into 2nd grade, doesn't mean you are awesome."

"Hey! I so am." She relied while stomping off.

"Sorry bout that. Want to join breakfast?"

"Can't, my mom is making breakfast."

"Oh ok. See ya at school and don't ditch me." I replied.

"I'll make sure to ditch you then." He says while hopping onto his balcony.

"I have matthew!" I yelled back.

He just gave me a jealous glare and ran downstairs.

I finally can eat those pancakes that have been calling to join the party that's about to start in my stomach.


"Holy crap." I said while staring at my new school.

It was gigantic with students filling it. The outside had this redish brown coat and on the top in white letters says

'Davidson Day High"

Walking inside, everything was white and red. It reminded me of high school musicals school.

I walk up to my locker which on my paper says

1548 and the combo was 42-28-26.

(Fun fact: this was my locker in 6th grade..hehe)

Luckily I was familiar with lockers so it wasn't another episode of 6th grade. {;)}

I grabbed all of my binders and things and headed to look for matthew. Suprising both of us, our lockers were next to eachother!

(Fun fact: this is true too, my locker neighbor was a boy named matthew lol)

"What's up matthew!"

"Getting lost." He replies while chuckling.

"Then I guess we should get lost together!" I said while linking arms with matthew.

*** Lunchtime ***

There's like no where to sit. Of coarse I got late. Of coarse.

I see Hayes and Matthew motion me to come over. I walk over with my lunch bag and sit down.

"Hey Syd." Hayes says to me. Then motions to the guys and says their names.

For most of the time, I talked to Matthew.

Then I got a message on my phone.

I quietly check it to see my heart smashed into a million pieces and in those pieces, it's smashed a million more. I didn't realize I was sobbing until hayes has started shaking me.

I look around and I'm no longer in the cafe but the girls bathroom.

"What happened ︎Sydney?" Hayes says with a concerned face.

"Taylor." I croak out.


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