Sydney's POV

That girl. That girl knows how to hit me hard. Double date really? I didn't want anyone to know. Believe it or not but I hate being popular. At my old school I tried not being in the crowd but it's hard when people call you "hot" and when your ridiculously funny.

Why do I have to be funny?

Me, Noah, and Hayes brought money for icecream but I spoke up and said

"Last one there has to pay!"

And we ran.

I won 1st, Noah 2nd, hayes 3rd, and Shelby 4th.

Shelby has to pay except she didn't bring money so now hayes has to pay.

"So will hit the icecream shop right after okay?" Hayes asks.

"Okay." We say in unison.

First we played a couple rounds of horse but added the twist of spelling out ice-cream because it's icecream you know?

"Well let's head out for icecream cause I need to go home soon." I say.

"Okay." They reply in sync.


"I would like chocolate chip cookie dough." I say to the icecream man.

"Make that two." Says Noah.

"Make it three!" Says hayes.

"Ugh. I'll just have strawberry please." Shelby says.

"I'm surprised I forgot. Pink is the color for sluts." I mumble so no one can here.

Okay maybe Noah heard since he is laughing.

"I had fun but I need to go!"

"I'll come with." Says Noah to me.

"Bye." Hayes and Shelby says.


"Bye Noah!" I say as I'm unlocking my front door.

"Wait." And Noah tugs on my arm and spins me around and he leans in to kiss.

It was magical I must say, I defiantly felt butterflies. But it was different when me and hayes kissed. That was more like fireworks.

"Bye Sydney." Noah says with a big smile on his cute face.

"Bye Noah." I say as I blush hard- tomato style.

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