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It was Shelby. Shelby was the one holding the gun. SHELBY! And then I look around and there's all of the boys exes. I get it now. Shelby's an ex so....THERE AFTER ME?!!!

"Listen Shelby, I'm sorry that Hayes broke up with you but I don't see why it's my fault."

"WHAT?! Of coarse it's your fault! He loved me until you came along and swooped him off his feet. It was your fault that he doesn't love me anymore!" She exclaims still holding the hand gun.

"I dont get it. If someone doesn't love you anymore, it means the spark is gone or they fell in love with someone else. In this case, he has no more feelings for you." I replied.

"Are you dumb? Don't you see?! He fell in love!" She said.

"With who?!" I asked in curiosity.

"With you." She replied hastily.

Taylor's POV

After I get all of the supplies needed, I head up to her room.

I'm actually very excited that she asked me to help her and not anybody else. I think I'm even starting to like her. It's just that I think hayes is after her too. And matthew also.

I guess it will just be a silly crush for now.

I knock on the door but she doesn't answer. She must be sleeping.

I opened the door and say "hey it's me tay umm I hope you like chicken noodle soup be a use they didn't have your favorite." I say while walking over to the bed.

When I got there, she wasn't there.

"Sydney?! Sydney?!" I say while looking around until I spot a note.

I grab it and read it and instantly run.

"Watch your back, or your precious Sydney, might get it."


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