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My boyfriend.


I repeat this in my head thousands of times while I fill 1,000,000 buckets with salty tears.


Why me?

Why not her?


Out of frustration I start to rip up the bathroom.

Toilet Paper. Shredded.

Mirror. Broken.

Stalls. Dented.

Then I realized this is my new school.

"NO!" I screamed.

I walked out to see security cameras aiming for the bathroom.

"You have got to be kidding." I whispered under my breath.

What should I do?

Cry a river
Delete the security tapes.

I take out my phone and start to text.

S: meet me in front of the g bathroom
H: k. Why?
S: I need ur help
H: omw

Waiting patiently for about 3 minutes dodging any teachers, hayes finally comes.

"Okay I destroyed the bathroom. There is security tapes. I could get arrested!please help me delete the tapes!"

"Okay. Let's go to the control rooms." He says already walking towards the elevator.

"Crap there's a teacher coming." I say trying to get in the elevator.

"Come here." Hayes demands.

"What??" I exclaim in confusion.

He grabs my hands and starts to kiss me.

It started to heat up as the teacher walking in.

Hayes grabbed my butt and I gasped.

He pushed me against the pad where all the floor numbers are and presses the number 7 which is the control room most likely.

"Hey! You kids! Stop it now! Pda is not allowed!" The teacher finally noticing us says.

"Sorry." We say in unison.

"Well you are getting off at the next stop!" Thanks teacher, you really are making this the easiest trip.

"Follow me." Hayes commands.

We reach a door that says control room on it and we silently slip inside.

"Nobody is here. Makes it perfect to do it, except, I have no idea what to do." Harts says.

"Good thing I do." I rush to the chair and find the security passcode under a stapler and enter it in the computer. Then I found the tape to the camera near the bathroom and deleted it.

"Done!" I tell hayes.

"It's about time, listen sydney, I really need to ask you something." Hayes says and I motion him to a dark corner.

"What is it hayes?" I ask him sitting down.

"I, i, I love you."

"Wha-" I was cut off by him pulling me close to him so our lips are touching.

"I love you." And then he sealed it with a passionate kiss.


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