Me and Syd turned around to see what I'm guessing is a rival from her old school by the way Syd looks at her.

"Oh hi Chelsea" Sydney said disgustingly. I think I dated a Chelsea once.

"Hi Syd! I'm so glad I saw my bff!" She says Very cheery. She then catches Sydney off guard and hugs her and Sydney just stands there like some filthy rat just kissed her.

"Umm last time I checked we weren't friends." Sydney says while force fully prying Chelsea's arm off of her.

"Of coarse we are silly! And I see your manors haven't changed. You never introduced me to your friend!" She says jolly.

"Oh this is Hayes Grier." Sydney spats out.

"Hi I'm hayes." I jump in the convo.

"Oh like hayes grier!!?" Chelsea asks dumb. I hate girls who play dumb. Out of the corner of my eye I see Sydney mimic Chelsea in a childish way.

"Yeah." I say casually.

"Oh what a coincidence! I'm going to magcon! I guess I'll see you there! Oh and if your looking for after hour play time....here's my cell." She said the last part in a whisper so only I could hear and then finished it with a wink.

"Ok... I'm see you there I guess!" I say grossed out but a fan is a fan.

"Bye!!!!" Chelsea says while skipping over to her family.

"My my Sydney! You never told me about your friend!" I say in a teasing manor.

"Cut the crap hayes or I'll ship you to Russia."

'Theres a first' i mentally think while I wrap my arm around syds shoulder and walk over to the sitting area.


"I'm so sorry I'm late hayes!" She says while giving me a peck on the lips.

"It's okay shelbs."

"Oh hi. I didn't see you brought it."

"That "it" is a human Shelby." Sydney says while still staring at her laptop screen while I on the other hand is facing Shelby standing.

"Los Angeles boarding in 10 minutes, I repeat, Los Angeles boarding in 10 minutes. Thank you."

"Well I guess let's go over then."


"That was a long flight." Sydney says while stretching.

"It was only like 3 hours or so." I say.

"Well when you have an old man snoring loudly in your ear it makes it really long"

I just chuckled at her statement.

Sydney's POV



"You okay Syd?" Hayes asks.

"Oh you know. The usual Freaking out because taylor swift is right there scene."

"Oh yeah. You'll get used to it."


We arrived at the hotel and I go to my room.

"Hi I'm syd-" I stopped once I saw Chelsea but she's not alone. She's in bed with a guy mad there doing ....it.

Of coarse! Thanks god!

Might as well google mtvs number because we have a new teen mom episode. The best one yet!

I can see it already..."I'm blonde and idk who my baby's hunky dad is"

How I would pay money to see it air.

I cleared my throat and walked over to the guy and grabbed his ear not even looking down, and kick him out of the room. I then pull out my hand sanitizer and basically bathe myself in it. The germs!

"Oh hey." Chelsea says while stepping out of the bed. She looks like a stripper. She's wearing a c-string and a see through pink bra.

"I'm gonna go down to the office and change my room okay?" I say nastily.

"Fine. But only if I get hayes for a night."

I know I don't curse but right now I could give a pigs flying a**.

"F*ck you Chelsea. Oh wait! I forgot. You already do that! My bad." I reply with the sassiest smile I ever made.

"You'll regret it!"

"No thanks!" I say while slamming the door.

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