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Sydney's POV

Saying I'm happy was an understatement.

I'm a million miles away from happy. I'm......

Excitergastersuperawe. It's a mix between excited, flabbergasted, super, and awesome.

I get up after stalking my crushes......yes Cameron is one of

them. Alana Is so lucky. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

We still have 5 days 3 hours and 33 minutes till we go to magcon. So what if I know the exact time? I mean what am I supposed to do on a regular day.

I mean there's sports and all but...never mind.

We will be gone for 4 weeks so I pack the neccisarys.

28 oufits......check.

9 pjs........check.


Hair stuff......checks. Actually I need a new brush since it somehow ended up in the toilet. *london*

6 pairs of shoes.....2 vans, 3 flipflops, 2 sneaker pairs, 1 sperry angelfish boatshoe.........check.

I call hayes and notice my clothes..I'm in gray sweatpants and a loose pink crop top saying "on Wednesdays we wear pink." Gotta love mean girls.

"Hey hayes!" I say trying to hide my excitement but obviously failed.

"Oh hey! Umm so I have a few questions and answer comepletly honest." He says nervously.

"Hit me. Not exactly other wise I might not be so excited and that isn't something to mess with."

"Okay." He chuckles once again nervously and I could already tell he's scratching the back of his head. "Umm well you see Shelby wanted to come.....but she doesn't have to come! I actually didn't want her but when she found out I was bringing you she got really mad and all." I zoned out thinking oh now I get to spend it with Shelby.

This is exactly just what I wanted. Drama. Note sarcasm.

"No umph it's really okay my pleasure okay well umm bye." I say quickly.

"Wait wait! Umm why did you call me?"

"Oh to ask where we are going home-boy."

"Home-boy really?"

"That's what nash said. Or pooh-bear but that will be used when you get on my nerves."

"Great to know. To answer your question though we are going to la!"

"You mean like la like California like where Hollywood is and stuff?"

"Well I mean I don't know if hollywoods there but yeah!"

Okay so I'm feeling a lot better than normal again because we are going to LA so sayonara Shelby because I don't give a double fudge about you. I'm going to LA for fudges sake!

"Ok sounds great!"

"Bye piglet." He said and I know this guy like a book. He's obviously smirking right now.

"Really? I guess poohbear and piglet hits California." I say while putting my hands up and pretending like I'm preaching the city or something.

"Nice hand motions." He laughs.

"What how'd you-" realizing being a creeper he's looking at me threw the balcony window.


"Yet you still talk to me."

"Ok bye." I hanged up annoyed but not for long since I'm going to LA!

I can't believe my parents said yes. Actually I can believe because they know hayes and also nash would kill hayes if he did anything so haha hayes. I should call him hayes-I-boo that will for sure get on his nerves.

Day of going to LA


I've been saying that the whole ride to the airport and I'm pretty sure by now my parents are going to rejoice when I leave.

We arrive and I take a look at my outfit. I'm wearing pink sweatpants from hollister and a white baseball tee from Aeropostale. Knowing I'll get cold I brought the white magcon hoodie hayes gave me yesterday. I also am wearing my really comfy moccasin shoes which are just to comfy to be true.

I spot hayes and hauling my luggage behind which I must say my parents really know my taste. Teal color with green palm trees. I give you an A+ at being awesome parents.

"Hey!" I say while giving hayes a big hug. He obviously didn't care ow he looked because he's wearing a gray sweatpants and a red magcon hoodie. He's wearing some nike sandals with elites.

"OH MY GOD WE ARE TWINNING PIGLET!" If I thought he was loud enough to damage someone's eardrums by standing next or him then this time it was about 200 times worse. I bet you could hear him a mile away!

"Hayes shhh you are freaking loud." I say while trying to hold in my laughter.

Suddenly we hear someone clearing their throat and it was someone I was not looking forward to see.

Sorry for the cliffhanger so throw your tomatoes but I have a good reason. I thought my endings were boring so yup! Anyways who likes their pet names? I absolutely adore them!


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I love you all so much!


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