Bet you didn't expect Shelby huh?

Shelby's POV

It's going around the whole neighborhood that Sydney is dating Noah. Thank god because I just couldn't handle her ugly face in my hayes. What a slut flirting with every guy. As if. (Omg can someone say clueless?)

Time to put on my act that I actually like Sydney!

I decide to wear a neon pink bandeau with a black see through crop top on top. Wearing some of my cute matching neon pink booty shorts and black flipflops I'm heading out the door.

Surprise suprise look who's a hayes, oh if you didn't guess it's Sydney.

"Hey hayes!" I say

"Hey Shelby umm what are you donog here?"

"What you don't want me?" Half smirking half puppy eye I say back. Out of the corner I see Sydney shift uncomfortably and roll her eyes.

"Hey Sydney! Aka b*tch." I talk to Sydney but of coarse mumbling under my breath the b*tch part.

"Umm hi Shelby." She replies.

"It's not that I don't want you here it's just I didn't expect it" hayes says finally answering my question.

"Well I thought we could do a double date hayes!"

"With who? Wait what?" Hayes asks.

"Well with Sydney of coarse! Like the news she's going out with Noah is all over town so I thought we could double date!" I say kinda girly/pitchy.

"Wait, hold up (grab the wall jk ignore) you're dating Noah?" Hayes says now focusing on Sydney.

"Well ummm yeah he asked me out at the carni."

"Oh." I see hayes nostrils flare. I think it means annoyed but I think it's just cute.

"Well so how about that double date?"

"I guess so." Sydney says. "But when?"

"Like today! You only live once! Lol just kidding. But seriously today."

"Okay but where?" Hayes and Sydney say in a duet.

"Jinx!" Says Sydney and hayes once again in unison.

"Double jinx!" Once again you know.


"OKAY! Let's go at the basketball court cause I need to practice!"

"Sure sounds fun I guess." Sydney says bummed out.

"What's wrong?" I snap obviously knowing she can't play.

"Umm nothing well like I said I have to go now to get changed so bye. Oh and tell Noah for me too."

"Kk" I sound annoyed.

"What's your problem shelbs?" Hayes asks.

"Oh nothing. Just excited for today." I say smirking.

Sydney's POV

why in my right mind would I ever agree! I can't play basketball, in fact I can't play ANYTHING.

I should really calm down though. I'm scaring myself.

I go home and change out of my dress and into my black and white nike shorts. I put a purple sports bra on and my purple nikes (her fav color is purple) and go tell my parents what I'm doing.

"Hey mom I'm going to the basketball with hayes, Shelby, and Noah."

"Oh well have fun but not too much especially with Noah." She smirks.


"Who's Noah?" My dad asks being the dad he is.

"Umm a friend..."

"Oh honey it's more than a friend." My mom says. Ugh parents.

"Okay well leaving before I have to deal with this more!" I say obviously embarrassed yet annoyed.

"Sydney and Noah sitting in a tree k-I-s-s-I--"

"Bye!" I rush out before my checks turn Into a red redder than a tomato.

I walk over to hayes and knock on his door while putting my long hair into a high ponytail.

"Hey hayes can I hang here till they come?"

"Yea I'll tell Noah to pick you up here."

"Okay." I say while sitting down.

Time drags making this awkward silence even more longer until the door bell rings. Litteraly saved by the bell.

"Hey guys! Hey Noah!" I say while running up and hugging Noah. He smells good today.

I see out of the corner of my eye hayes and Shelby making out.

Me and Noah just giggle until we got there attention.

Hayes POV

I only made out with Shelby at the time so Sydney would get jealous but obviously we were just some comedy show.

Why do I want to make her jealous?

Why do I still think about our kiss?

Why am I thinking about Sydney when it should be Shelby?

These questions replaying in my mind over and over again like a broken record.

"Well let's head out." Shelby says in that high pitched voice I hate.

Why do I criticize Shelby now?

Yay another question replaying.

Why do I care?

Well hayes, you my friend have a crush on Sydney.

Hey extra long chapter because I love you guys and my chapters are Often short so yay. Anyway another yay hayes liked her. Next update will be an authors note so don't go all ninja thinking it was a chapter update. Love you! ;)

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