"What?!" I sputter out in state of shock.

"You heard me bitch. Now get back in the trunk." She says still holding the gun but now accompanied by angry exes.

I had to get out of here, I had to. But how?! Taylor! And matthew! My saviors! Once I get back in the trunk I comepletely forget what just happened and pull out my phone.

I start kissing it repeatedly and then get to texting. I turned off any sound if could make.

To taylor:

S: Help. Someone kidnapped me!

T: Who?

S: Shelby and the other boys exes.

T: Fuck. Where are you?!

S: Umm idk let me check.

S: Okay we just went past Beverly Hills and now were going to some creepy area behind it.

T: I think I know where that is. On my way.

S: Thank you;) and tell the boys especially matthew and hayes. I love you taylor so much you do not even know how thankful I am. *kissing emoji*

T: I love you too. Be safe. Xoxo

S: don't text me anymore just in case they find out and take me somewhere else.

T: k babe. Be right there. Stay safe babe;)

S: promise

I quickly deleted the convo and swiped up so if they find out I have my phone, they won't know about my recent convo.

"Oh looky looky. Sneaky bitch has her phone. I'll take that." Shelby says with the gun pressed on my forehead. I now have a very large lump in my throat.

Come on Syd. Think. Think. What do you do when there's a gun in your face. Think. Aha!

Then suddenly, a message pops up. Taylor why!

"Is there people looking for you?!" She mocks.

"I'm not sure. What does it say?" Maybe it was on purpose.

"From taylor. Watch your back Shelby." She starts laughing and then turns her head looking behind, gun still aimed at me.

There's your chance.

As fast as I could, I grab the gun and twist it so it's facing Shelby. I hear a shreak which means I succeeded in breaking her fingers that were attached to the trigger.

She let's go, giving me access to the handgun.

I then point it at all of them and say "All of you are pathetic and gullible. If you think I'll let you off the hook, your wrong. You almost KILLED ME! You should just call your parents and tell them you won't be home for a while since you are going to jail. Peace, bitches." I say while hopping out of the truck and running to the nearest house. as I was running, I look Down at my clothes.

What the hell?! Was I trying to look like KIM possible?

"Sydney! Sydney! Over here!" I lift my head up to see taylor with his arms out wide! Taylor!

"Taylor!" I sob running to him.

Once I get to him, I jump on him and wrap my legs around him.

"Thank you so much taylor." I sob in between my cries.

"Sydney, I only knew you for a bit, but, I think I'm falling in love with you." There's that word again. Love.

I look into his eyes and lean down for a kiss.

We kiss hard. Passionate. Everything. It showed all my emotions in one kiss and I loved it. It was just like everything hayes taught me. There he is again. Hayes.

Taylors POV

When we kissed, I swear there was fireworks above us. At first, I didn't think she liked me, but know, I'm most defiantly sure.

We pulled away and I looked in her beautiful brown eyes with a mixture of lust and love.

"Will you be my girlfriend Sydney?" I ask with a lump in my throat.

"Of coarse." She says and leans in for another kiss.

Sydney's POV

The kissing was so good and it felt, right. It felt like our lips were meant for each other. It felt like that we were meant for each other.

And it most defiantly didn't feel like some silly middle school crush.

At the moment, I don't even care about what hayes thinks. I know for sure that taylor will be a keeper. He will treat me right.

But then I think about all of the hearts I broke in my footsteps.

Then I think about how school is in 2 weeks. My. Summer is almost ending?!

Well Sydney, one things for sure.






Hey guys what's up! As you can probably tell, this story is coming to an end. The next chapter will be after magcon and everybody finding out. As well as school occurring. Then next chapter, will be EXTRA long since sadly, it will be the final chapter. I had so much fun making this and I hope you enjoyed this book very much.


Don't think this book is THE very end. Sequels will be coming soon because, what if Saylor wasn't meant to be shipped? Haha, see what I did there xD. You will just have to wait.



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