Flash forward to when they arrive.

Btw she changed into sweatpants and sweatshirt and nike shoes. Since it was overnight she stinks just letting you all know lol.

Sydney's POV

When I arrived I was SOO tired. I know I should of slept on the plane but I was texting to Renee how much I miss her and how ill never replace her.

Also I might have read harry potter again for the 12th time but honestly there's always a page I miss and I love it even more everytime I read it.

Flash forward to the house

"Wow" you say as you walk in.

"See? It's not that bad" my mother tells my younger sister and I.

My younger sister is London who is such a princess. She is outgoing and loud.

Basically the opposite of me.

I run up to the room I can finally call mine. For 16 years I had to share a room with a brat and let me tell ya, it's h-e- double hockey sticks. (She is a goody two shoe so she doesn't curse)

"Wow" is still all I can manage. It was just...so.....perfect.

Apparently all my furniture went to London (her sister not the city lol)

so I basically came to a brand new bedroom from ikea.

It has turquoise blue walls with bird decals on it that reminded me of divergent a book I read. My bedspread was blue and brown delicate flowers and of coarse I couldn't give up my tie dye bear pillow pet.

I decided too look around. It had a very nice bathroom filled with owls my favorite animal. (It's an inside joke her and Renee have about Athena)

On the other side is...oh....my....gosh........double doors leading to a balcony!!

"AHHH" I said while opening them up.

It was beautiful and you could see a beach from here. Mmmmm the smell of salty air.

It had two lawn chairs to sit and curl up in a good book. Well that's how I thought of it.

I noticed i have a neighbor who has a similar room like I do except....well...boyish.

I put away all my clothes and decided too take a shower in my new bathroom!

I walked out and put on a Abercrombie gray sweatshirt with some jeans. I put on my gold sandals. I then did my normal make up routine which is just mascara.

That's when I heard the door bell rang.

Ok so this all came to me in a dream so I decided to make it in a fanfiction well hope ya enjoy!!!

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