This outfit" I say as I show him my outfit I will be wearing tomorrow for my "date".

"It's amazing, but why do you need my advice"

"Well I'm hanging out with this guy named Noah and you're a guy and I thought I needed a guys perspective on this outfit.

"Oh" he said kinda angry in his tone

"you ok hayes? I won't go if it will bother you"

"Nah go ahead he's so super cool and nice."

"Thanks hayes" I say as I give him a big hug.

Hayes POV

I left Sydney's house not sure what I was feeling. Was I jealous? I can't be I have a beautiful, sweet, athletic girlfriend. Sydney doesn't even do sports!

I trust Noah, he's one of my bros. he plays soccer and onto digs girls who are into sports so it caught me by surprise he asked Sydney out. I mean is this a date? Ah stop worrying.

Flash forward to next day

Sydney's POV

I'm super excited so I hop in the shower, do my morning routine, change, and do my hair. I'm soon done and I text Noah. I might have his name under Noah😍 but shhh.


S: hey Noah

N: hey Syd so can I pick you up in 5 minutes?

S: ya my house is next to hayes

N:k and how do you know hayes?

S: he's my bestie

N: oh well see ya then

S bye

AHHH I can't believe I'm go oh on my first official date! Oh crap my parents.

S: hey mom I'm gonna go hang out with this guy I like

M: aww sweetie have fun but not too much!

S: k😘

And now just in time my doorbell rings.

Noah's POV

I'm super excited to be hanging out with Sydney. I'm also really glad her and hayes doesn't have anything going on cause I really like her. I know I just met her but wow.

I ring the doorbell and there is Sydney. Wow she looks so perfect. She tucks her ear in and blushes and it's just so cute. I say "ready?"

"Yup!" She says back with a smile on her face.

And then our fingers find each other and we walk over to my surprise hangout place.

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