Hayes POV

I was going over to Sydney's house with my bag packed and I was pretty nervous. I mean this is something a couple would do and were still in the friend zone.

All I know is I have mixed feelings for Sydney.

Sydney's POV

"Hey Hayes" I say as I let him in. "You can put your bag right there and let's watch the movie in the basement."

"Okay" he says.

We start watching the movie and I get pretty scared. I don't know what to do but I see hayes is the corner of my eye motion me over and that's exactly what I do.

I start hugging him and curling up into him while he positions himself as a barrier. I guess you could say we were cuddling.....in a friendly way.

About halfway through the movie I start drifting and drifting off to-

Hayes POV

I soon noticed Sydney fell asleep in my arms. She's so cute when she sleeps. Stop saying that hayes





I decided to fall asleep too and wow was I comfortable.

Next morning

Sydney's POV

I wake up I still was in hayes arms. We must've slept for a while because it's already day light.

I get up and change into some sweatpants and a tshirt and wash my face with neutrogenia clean and clear because I had a very small breakout.

After that I start to make pancakes for me and hayes.

"Hey Syd"

"Hey hayes. Hope ya like pancakes"

"I don't like them, I love them and you need to understand me and my pancakes relationship is so real that no one can break this love" he says in his most serious voice.

First we had a second of silence and then we bursts into laughter. Ahh how I love this kid.

We eat our pancakes and then hayes has to leave to go to Shelby's house and of coarse he forgets his bag.

Typical hayes.

I just left it here cause Shelby probably doesn't want my presence in her house.

I go in his bag to look for dirty clothes to wash when I find..........

Sorry for the cliffhanger but KEEP VOTING!! Also sorry for such a short chapter:( but love you all!<3

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