Sydney's POV

After me and hayes it's been a week since it. I've basically ignored him this whole time.

Today is all girls day with Alana and grace. Over this past week we became really great friends but it's time I confess it.


S: can you guys come over

A: why

G: ya why?

S: I'll tell you bc that's why I invited you

G: oh ok. Omw

A: omw too

S: kk

I am super scared.

*they are all here now*

"You've been ignoring our question all day. WHAT IS WRONG!" Grace says.

"Ok. So last week I was very desperate since I didn't know how to kiss so I-"

"YOURE 16 AND YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO KISS?" Grace practically screams.

"Yes, no, both. *sigh* I now know how to kiss but I didn't last week."

"Ok well continue I need details". Grace and Alana say.

"So I went to hayes house and I asked him to teach me to kiss so he showed the gestures and it got rough passionate and everything and now I can't even think of talking to him."

"Ok well Sydney this is what you have to do." Alana says.

"What is it?" I sound very needy.

" grow some balls Syd."

"Seriously Alana?"

"Dead. Talk to him. Or you just lost your bff." Alana says.

"Fine." I say while sighing.

"Now" Alana and grace say in a duet.

"What?" I say.

"You heard us. Go now." Grace says.

"Ok well bye!" I say. Wow why me.

"Don't talk to us UNTILL you talk to hayes!"

"Okay!" I say as I walk over to the house I've been avoiding.

At Hayes

Hayes POV

Ever since I taught Syd I can't get it out of my mind. She's perfect and this doesn't help my feelings of her.

A few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. It's probably Shelby. I open it up to see Sydney?

"Are we still friends?" She asks nervously. She's so cute when she's nervous.

"Umm thanks but are we?" She asks again.

"Wait I said that out loud?" I reply embarrassed.

"Yes but are we!" She snaps.

"Of coarse!" I say.

"Thank you hayes." She then runs up and gives me the biggest hug and it lasted for about 5 minutes. She was snuggled in my chest while I held her close not wanting this moment to end.

"HAYES!" Where did that come from? I look up to see....

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