To warn you it gets very intense!

Sydney's POV

I can't believe I asked him. But trust me, I was desperate. I don't know how to kiss and I'm freaking 16! Everybody had their first kisses when they were 12. What shocks me is my first kiss will be with hayes, even though I was planning it with Noah.

"I can just leave. Yeah I'll just leave" feeling embarrassed as I said it.

"No, on you sound very desperate so I'll help." He says almost? Excited?

"Thank you!" I say as I run up and hug him!

"Well our bodies are close so let's stay that way."

"Okay but do it in steps." I said nervous yet finally I can be a normal 16 year old.

"Okay so first you want to position yourself like this." He then picks my hands up and wraps my arm around his neck. Then he puts his hands on my waist.

"Next lean in and pause and go ahead and follow my mouth. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE GUY WHILE KISSING" he says, once again, eagerly?

And here we go.

"Okay." Here it is. My first kiss with my best friend. It started out with him teasing me with pecks while I give him the stare and him laughing.

Then he goes in (about time) and I follow his mouth. He started it slow so I could get used to it. He then pulled my waist leaving about half of a centimeter from our bodies touching.

It soon slowly gets a little bit more rougher and passionate. He tries to get his younger in but I quickly fight back. He sucks on my lower lip which automatically makes me moan softly.

Aka opening my mouth and his toumge could explore me now. He explored everywhere while rubbing my back.

He pulsed us even closer- didn't know that was possible, and my hands reached his hair giving it a tug and giving him a manly moan.(lol) we were getting so into it and I didn't know I could even do this.

We finally seperated and I quickly gathered my things and said


YASS THEY KISSED! My school ends Friday the 13th (aghhh) so I will post a lot more!

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