He was back outside, grabbing the car keys from the drawer, as he convinces his mind to go.

She walked up to him and held his cheeks to give him a quick peck on the lips. "Why are you so hot?" She asked randomly.

His mood, that was highly turned down, took a major shift as he flashed his bunny teeth at her comment.

"Great! Now why are you so cute?" She burst out again.

Lisa had always found it hard to decide whether the man, who stood so handsomely in front of her, was more cute or more hot. Always.

He chuckled at her indecisive feelings as his hands clutched at the soft curves of her long waist. He felt her baby belly come into contact with his clothed torso. He lightly attached his lips to hers, making her feel euphoric in small doses.

"Woop!" She detached herself from him, taking a moment to get back in control. "This could end up not right..." She chuckled.

Jungkook leaned his head back, smiling in defeat. "Still have 7 months to wait to-"

"Yes!" She interrupted. "Now go!" She kissed his lips one last time. 

He picked up his jacket, flinging it over his shoulder. "I'll be back in about an hour, okay?" He said caressing her cheek, and kissed her belly.

Lisa nodded at him cheerfully.

"I Love You~~~" He sung out to her, as he walked towards the car.

She giggled before duplicating his voice to say "I Love You Too~~~~", with her arms over head to form a big heart.

Lisa stood by the door, waving at Jungkook who started to drive off. She smiled one last time before heading back in.

"Poor Kookie~ He'll have to have dinner again..." She thought, plopping softly on to the couch.

. . . . . . . . . . .

She laughed out loudly at the TV screen. It was just another random variety show.

"Waaah~~~ That looks so tasty~~~" She exclaimed loudly. She gulped looking at the ice cream the couple was sharing.

Her mouth watered again, before she slowly stood up. She hummed sweetly, heading towards the kitchen to hunt for some ice cream.

"Whaaaat~~" She bellowed in devastation. "No ice cream?" She cried out before shutting the door of the refrigerator. 

"Sorry Bubbles... " She lightly rubbed her belly. 

She looked around in thought. 

"Maybe we can go to the convenience store by the corner..." She said to Bubbles. A glint of excitement shone in the iris of her eyes.

She picked up the jacket hanging on the stand by the door, and made her way outside. 

She hissed slightly, feeling the cool breeze brush against her skin. She quickly put on her jacket for some warmth.

She peered at the wide street ahead of her. There's no one outside at this time. 

It isn't too late but there is just usually not a lot of people on the streets of this neighborhood.

Besides, winter was almost here. It would be logical to not see anyone out in the cold.

The store was not so far from home. A 10-minute walk would just be it for Mommy Lisa and Baby Bubbles to get their ice cream.

"Here's your change, Ma'am..." The girl at the counter spoke.

Lisa smiled back at her. "It's okay...you can put it in the donation box..."

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