17. Touches

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Still 3rd Person POV

Her legs loosened their grip on his waist and her feet touched the ground.

But his hands never left her hips. He kept his hold on them not allowing her to detach from against his body.

Her fingers found their way up to his tie to entrap him more and more into her trance.

Once again, he left her lips leaving wet kisses along her jawline and neck.

He brought his hand up to get rid of the robe that didn't allow him to touch her properly.

The soft, silky robe fell to the floor, leaving Lisa in the black, night gown that was quite far above from her knees.

Pulling down the thin strap of the gown, he lets his lips run over her shoulder and back to her neck.

Everything he does made her dizzy....

She was completely lost in an ecstasy of his touches...

Lisa pushed herself forward, letting their bodies fall on to the bed without leaving each others lips.

Taking some time to pick up on her breath, Lisa adjusted herself on top of him yet again, as he leaned back into the headboard unable to take his eyes off of her sweltering lips.

He found himself inclining more and more into her, as he brushed his lips over hers leaving out a heavy breath on them.

She pecked his lips before letting hers meet his jawline.

Drawing her lips around his neck, she found the spot and tenderly sucked on to it.

An airy moan escaped his lips as his hand layed on her thigh, squeezing it a bit.

She moved on up to his other jaw, before she seductively nibbled on his earlobe.

Her teeth nipped at his lower lip as she took off his tie and unhooked the rest of the buttons, ultimately taking his shirt off.

He let her hands caress his chest on the way down to his abdominal muscles, eventually stopping over the buckle of his belt.

Before she knew it, Jungkook had already pushed her back, getting on top of her, as a soft gasp leaves her lips.

"You might be a bit older, and treat me that way... but you will not be the dominant one in this area..." He smirked towering over her body, as he got on his knees yanking his pants off in no time.

He looked over her, pinning her hands above her head, watching her eyes closely before roughly letting his lips smash into hers again.

Grasping onto her wrists with one hand, he lets the other hand stroke down from her chest to the hem of her night gown, pulling it up to reveal the soft skin of her tummy.

She felt his hand continuing to glide up, making her shudder at the cold touch of his hand on her breast.

Her eyes closed as she tries to overcome the inexplicable feeling his touches brought out in her.  

Feelings that cannot be put into words, and can only be felt...

Still under the compulsion of his spell, she did not grasp the fact that her gown was no longer on her body.

She opens her eyes looking from one side to another, covering her chest with her hands, as if she was looking for somewhere to hide.

She felt bare and revealed.

Taking notice of her refrainment, he softly smiled at her, clearing her face of any stranded strands of hair. "Don't. You are mine and you are beautiful..."

She watched him approach her lips slowly, slightly grazing over them before the dampness of his breath softly moved down her neck and all over chest.

She ran her fingers at the back of his neck as he continued suck at her skin, as if trying to drain her blood out through her skin.

Leaving butterfly kisses over her abdomen, he at last reached to the lining of her underwear.

Her breath hitched with every delicate touch of his on her, a growing pit in her stomach, as her heart raced unstoppably.

His fingers hooked on the sides of her underwear before pulling them off of her, and going back up to meet with her eyes again.

This was it...

She was ready to give her everything to him now...

She was now his....

Author's Note


A really short update to continue what was left off in the previous one...

I really kept it all 18+ in this update... 

I dunno if I should write more detailed stuff (if you know what I mean) 👀👀🙈🙈

Tell me what you think... (because I kind of doubt my abilities to write more... or maybe not) 👀👀🙈🙈

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