22. Haweewee

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"Yahh! How could you leave me?" She yelled running towards him.

Still looking around the market, he shrugged coldly. "You literally take an hour in one shop..." He blurted with his back facing still her.

She was quick to slap his back at least seven times, even though she was gasping for air from the run she made. "You. Are. The. Worst!"

His only response to her was his evil chuckles. He really loves annoying her...

"Oh my God! This is so pretty~~" She sang excitedly, as she picked up a white flower, shades of yellow spreading out from the center.

He took it from her hands, and turned to face her. His arm reached up to her hair, fixing the flower by her temple. "Looks pretty..."

She smiled at that, immediately turning on the camera of her phone, as she reviewed Jungkook's accessorizing. "Oh~~~ Not bad, Kookie!" She beamed, appreciating his 'skills'.

"You are so beautiful together..." The old lady who sat by counter said with a gentle smile. "Keep the flower, child... And stay blessed..." She added.

Blushing at her remark, Lisa hid her grin behind her hand.

"She's very pretty, right?" Jungkook abruptly asked the lady, earning a smack on the shoulder from Lisa and a hearty laugh from the old lady

"Yes, she is, son!" She answered chuckling. "Take care of her, okay!" She waved to them, following his strong nodding.

"Thank you~~" Lisa chimed with a sweet smile, locking her arm with Jungkook's, as they move on with their stroll around the market.

"Aren't you hungry?" She asked looking up at him.

He sighed at her. "I said that I was hungry looong long ago!" He complained, glaring down at her big, adorable, dark brown orbs.

"Really~~" She purposedly said looking innocent.

"Don't give me the pouty bat face!" He bellered, containing his temptation to squish her cheeks. "Besides... you seem to like Hawaii more than me..." He stuck his lip out looking away.

"Maybe..." She answered nonchalantly.

"What?" He eyed her in annoyance.

"Just kidding..." Her nose crumpled up in response to her fanatical laughter. "You are much more pouty, bunny Kook!" She continued, pulling at his lower lip.

"Oww!" He winced feeling the stretch in his lip muscle.

She was quick to let go of his lip when she saw a restaurant board in the distance. 

"Oh! There's a restaurant by the beach... " She pointed at its direction. "C'mon!" She eagerly walked to it, pretty much dragging Jungkook behind her.

They walked in, passing through the crowd, getting to the other side, where the blue-watered beach spread ahead of them...

Tiredly walking out to the heat, Jungkook sat down at the grounded deck. "Ahh... it's hot..." He mumbled putting his head down.

"Kookie!" She called to him, making him jerk up to see her. "Smile..." She said holding out her selfie stick, capturing her gorgeous-looking self and a surprised Jungkook in the back.

. . . . . . . . . . .

"This is so exciting!" He yelled out, as the chopper left the ground, ready to soar in the skies. 

Joining his burst of utter excitement, she bellowed holding tightly onto his hand."Waaah! It's so high!" 

He giggled feeling her tight grip. "Are you scared?!"

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