24. Forts

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The breeze was warm, owing to the afternoon sun. But it was still gentle, in as much as the sea stretched out in the vast heavens ahead.

She peered at him in the vicinity. 

He was lying on the beach chair, under the shade of the umbrella clamped next to it. Face buried beneath the straw hat he bought at the market. 

"Are you sleeping?" She called standing by him. Her hand reached out holding his cocktail that she brought along with her.

He did not necessarily budge. But she knew he was not asleep...

"Kookie~~" She stumped, making him chuckle as he takes the hat away from the expanse of his face.

His eyes met with hers, slowly wandering off to gawk at her body that glowed under the golden trickles of the daylight.

Her skin was barely covered by the criss-cross straps of her lecherous, military green two-piece. But no one else was around to see her anyway...

"Done?" She smirked at his ogling eyes that followed her each and every movement, as she sat on the chair next to him. She carefully placed the glasses on the table.

"Oooh~~" He mooned over her, sitting up at a slow pace. 

He always went head over heels whenever she appeared looking like that. Looking gorgeous with her flawless skin and voluminous curves. 

Whether it was in the darkness of the night he saw her in, or the brightness of the daytime like now.... His eyes never failed to absorb every detail of her body.

He remembers having to tuck away his feelings whenever she exposed her glamorous body before they got married. He just couldn't handle being stealthy around her then...

She twirled the cocktail stick to mix the drink. The ice sloshed against the array of flavors blended in the blue-colored liquid.

"Here... I made it myself..." She eagerly passed the glass to him.

He sipped on the exotic, citrusy flavor of the turquoise blue drink. But his eyes had not left her...

"I like it..." He muttered ever so sensually.

She rolled her eyes at his innuendo, shaking her head at his shenanigans, as she settles back on the beach chair.  

His attention drew to the drink, as his eyebrows raise in appreciation. "This is actually really really tasty though..." He exclaimed continuing to sip on his drink.

"Do you know that the tongue is one of the strongest muscles of the human body?" She mumbled reading from her phone screen. Probably one of those instagram posts...

He smirked raising his head to face her. "Why? Wanna fight?"

She smiled back at him playfully. "Hmm~~" She hummed as if lost in a deep thought.

He took the chance leaping out of his chair, eventually hovering over her. Soft giggles left her lips as he kept his hand at her waist, squeezing and poking to make her laugh. 

She wrapped her arms over the width of his shoulders, holding him to herself, as he continues to bask in her trace, bundling her in his nuzzles.

He suddenly lifted his body away, getting off her.

She was certainly confused... Why did he stop?

Nevertheless! He was too quick to allow her to have any other thoughts. As always...

He slid an arm under her knees, and the other cupped around her rib cage. He carried her as she shrieked knowingly. A past memory was repeating itself...

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