25. New Chapter...

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The front door clicked open, as a smiling Jungkook walked in. 

"Lis? Lis~~~" He called sweetly. "I called Jin hyung... he said you already left..." But he could not see her anywhere.

Faint whimpering could be heard as he continued walking towards their bedroom, searching for her.

His footsteps got on a double when he heard her muffled sobbing.

"Lis?" He called again, rushing to the direction of the sound.

She was crying in the bathroom. 

He looked down at her in worry, as she sat on the toilet seat cover. "Lis?" He called out, crouching in front of her. "Are you okay, baby?"

It was agonizing for him to see her crying.

She looked up at him, but tears rolled down her eyes even more, as she hung her head low. 

"Hey..." He held her cheeks. "What happened?" He asked looking into her eyes.

She sniffed a few times, calming herself down.

She slowly unfolded her hands in front of him, revealing three strips over her palm. "They are all positive..." She said in a quiet voice.

He looked down and up at her, and looked back at it, interpreting what it was.

He peered up at her once again. Eyes growing big upon understanding what it means. His reaction exactly matched hers when Jisoo talked to her about it.

"No way?!" He blurts out with a straight face.


"You may now kiss the bride..." The priest initiated, as they two love-birds lean into each for a short, but meaningful kiss.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen all stood behind them cheering like they just won a soccer match. 

But it was rather the fact that their sweet, lovable Jimin was now married to their sweet, lovable Chaeyoung... officially.

The hall was echoing with cries of pure joy. The friends, who were family, were overjoyed. 

Three groomsmen were even more ecstatic. One more sheep had been taken down...

"Enjoy as much as you can guys..." Jin smiled at Taehyung, Namjoon, and Hoseok. "That'll be you some day too..."

The ceremony was over, but they all gathered by the table for the feast.

"I am so so soooo happy for you Chaeng..." Lisa hugged her in high spirits.

"Thank you sooo much Lisa! Guess I've joined the club too... " She gleefully added separating from her hug.

"Oh Lisa! You look pleasingly plump though..." Jennie smiled mischievously poking her small belly pouch. Oh the overeating...

"Blame Mr. Jeon Jungkook for that..." She sassed pointing her thumb at him. "He either cooks a lot, makes me snack a lot, or gets a lot of takeouts..."

Jungkook chuckled at her accusation. "But I also workout for that..." He pointed out. "Something that you gave up on for the past few weeks..."

She made a face at him. "Whatever..."

She wants to join him too when working out. Or when he's dancing. But she just feels so sore and fatigued to do anything.

She wondered what was wrong with her.

"Jisoo-yah..." Jin called from across the table. "I've got to go..." He said looking very pouty. He really didn't want to go.

"No problem oppa... " She gave him a warm smile. "I'll see you later..."

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