7. Take Care of You

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Jungkook's POV

"Why don't you just sleep here?" She mumbled. "It's not like we have never shared a bed before...."

*Flashback To 3 Years Ago*

"Are you sure, Lisa?" Jisoo noona asked her, touching her shoulder. 

I took her in sight to observe her.

She totally does not look fine to me...

She nodded her head, saying yes, "I'm sure, unnie..." she smiled weakly. "You guys can go on.... you should...."

Her breath quivered in short, quick gasps every time she inhaled.

She didn't seem to stop shaking, either...

"I'll stay back..." I informed them, as Chaeyoung noona looked at me appreciatively.

"You're sure?" She asked back, to which I nodded reassuringly.

"The soup is ready..." Jin hyung walked in and placed the bowl on the table. "But, we also need to leave..." He added regretfully.

"Jungkook is staying back..." Jisoo noona informed him.

"Oh! He is?" Jimin hyung walked in behind him with Hoseok hyung, who smirked, and shortly after, he walked back to the living room. 


"Aww... that's so sweet of you, Jungkookie..." Jimin hyung teased.

I shook my head, and said "She's sick, hyung..."

"Okay..." Jennie noona said with a frown, getting up from next to Lisa. "Take care of her, Jungkook..." She made aware.

"Make sure she eats the soup, okay?" Chaeyoung noona said as she removed the cloth from Lisa's forehead, and placed another.

"I heard Jungkookie is staying back..." TaeTae hyung leered from the door, as Hoseok hyung reappeared and stood next to him.

This hyung is acting weird. 

But the thought left my brain when I heard Lisa coughing painfully as she put her hand in front of her mouth.

"Yeah..." Jimin hyung said as he looked at TaeTae hyung as if they were signalling each other. "We should probably leave..." He suddenly looked back the rest of us.

"I'm so sorry, Lisa..." Jisoo noona said regrettably.

"It's okay, unnie..." She smiled shaking. "Kookie's here..." She added, as I gave her a smile.

 She smiled back as they all started walking out of the door. 

"See you guys tomorrow..." TaeTae hyung said as he closed the door behind him.

I heard a click on the door, but at the same time Lisa sneezed.

I shifted my attention to her, and gave her some tissues from the box on the bedside table

"Bless you..." I told her.

She blew her nose. "Thanks..." She answered with a groggy voice.

"You need to have the soup..." I sat on the empty space next to her. "You didn't eat all day..." I said as I held her shoulders to help her sit up.

I took the warm bowl of soup from the table next to me, and balanced it in the tray in my hands.

"Here..." I said as I scooped a spoonful of the soup and put it in front of her. 

She slowly opened her mouth to drink it. "Ahh..." She shrieked in a low voice. "It's still hot!!" She said biting her tongue.

I chuckled at her reaction "I'm soo sorry... I thought that it was fine, since the bowl seemed to have cooled down." I added with guilty smile. 

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