20. Temptations

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She glanced back at the clock for the gazillionth time.

"Gosh, this boy..." She let out in frustration, removing her apron and making her way to their room.

There he was lying on their bed in his deep slumber, just like Aurora.

Perhaps she'd have to be Prince Phillip to awaken him...

She bent down next to his half-naked-half-covered body. His back in full view, and an arm awkwardly sticking out of the mattress.

Her frustration long gone at the sight of his fluffy hair, and his slightly reddened cheek, probably from his blood rushing from lying on one side of his face.

"Kookie..." She softly cooed, fingers brushing through the ebony locks stranded on his forehead.

She stared down at his slightly pouting lip, and soft curve of his nose that was pretty much squished against the pillow. 

She was quite oblivious of the smile on her face...

"Hey bunny boy!" She called out much louder than the last time, the smile turning a bit more evil.

She would've done it the classic way, but his nipples were buried under the weight of his body.  

She poked the wood-like hardness of his arm, deep enough to leave a mark of her nail onto his skin.

"Ungh!" A annoyed groan responded as he lifts his head an inch above the surface of the pillow, only to squint through to see her and fall right back to sleep.

Done with his extra-long sleep time, Lisa breathed out poking him again.

Another sleepy grumble follows. "Why are you waking me up so early?" He whines in his sleep.

She smiles at his adorableness, immediately covering it with a scoff to get him out of bed. "Its almost noon, dumdum! We have a shoot at 1!"

The almost-6-foot-giant-baby turned his body, sprawling himself on the bed, as his arms spread on either sides.

"Now up up!" Lisa ordered straightening her back, as she pinched his nose.

"Five minutes..." He mumbled opening his palm up to show five.

Features melting once again by cause of the overwhelming UwU, she said "I'll be back in five... you better be showering by then...", as she trudged towards the door.

Five minutes passed like five seconds, before she came back to find him still asleep, with not even a single muscle that moved.

A wicked smirk displayed on her face, as she took a few steps back.

"JEON JUNGKOOK!" She shouted before making a short run, throwing her body right on top of him.

A stuffed grunt of pain was heard as he felt the sudden weight of Lisa's powerful plopping.

She cupped both of his cheeks, shaking his head. "Wake up, baby!!!"

"Mmm~~" He groaned in response.

*peck on lips 1*

"Wake up!"

*peck on lips 2*

"Wake up!"

*longer peck on lips*


No response at all.

"Hmph!" She sighed in defeat.

Just then she realized...

She sat up straight, her legs on either side of his hips.

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