8. Timberlands and Shopping

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Lisa's POV

The amber-hued sunshine warmed my skin, as I opened one eye trying to get familiar with my unfamiliar surroundings.

I sat up straight, as I rubbed my eyes.

As soon as my vision was a bit more clear, I looked down at myself.


'I am now married to Kookie, and we live together' I thought to myself as I stared at my, now super-wrinkled, wedding down.

Gathering up all my senses, I stretched my arms out, popping some of the joints here and there, and then walked myself to the row of suitcases on the floor.

'His suitcases aren't here...' I thought. 'Maybe, he took them away last night.' I shrugged, and went on to open one of them to find some clothes I can change into.

I pushed one side of the suitcase to let it lay flat on the ground in hopes that this will be the right one.

I pulled the zip and opened it.

"YES!" I said out loud noticing that it was indeed just the right one.

I took out a pair of black shorts and black hoodie to wear.

I walked in to the bathroom, and started to undress, and I still don't know where to start and how to start with this dress. 

I hovered my hands on my bare back looking for the zip.

'Oh wait.' I just realized that the bridal comb and veil are not on me right now. 

I opened the door to search for it, and saw the veil and comb on the bedside table.

'I don't remember waking up to remove it.' I put one arm on my hip as I tried to remember.

'Meh'. I shrugged my shoulders and went on to find that wretched zip.

I sighed with joy as soon as I managed pull the zipper down and let the dress off of me.

It was so tight. I couldn't even breathe freely.

I washed my face,  before I got changed into the hoodie and shorts.

As I wended my way out to the living room, I glanced at the empty walls.

We should do something about that. 


I pocketed my hoodie and advanced to the kitchen. Because that's where the real deal is.

I opened the refrigerator door. 


I opened the other door.


I opened the other cabinets.


'We need to do grocery shopping.' That is all I can think about right now.

I walked back to to the corridor, with my hands back in the pocket of my hoodie.

I lightly knocked the door of the guest room, in which I expected Kookie to be since he was not in the big one.

He didn't reply. He's probably still sleeping.

I grabbed the door knob, and slowly opened the door.

"Kookie?" I cooed.

I walked towards his sleeping body that was basking in the sunlight cutting through the window.

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