5. A New Bond

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3rd Person POV

Lisa's Dressing Room

The day has finally arrived...

The day when the two best friends finally give a new name to their relationship...

"Look at you!" Chaeyoung held Lisa's shoulders from the back as she mooned over her elegant reflection in the mirror.

Her satin sheath gown, hugged each and every one of her curves...

French lace veiling her bare back...

Her hair braided up in a twisted updo, as her bangs fell over her radiant face...

Jennie stretched her arm over the dressing table, and picked up a box containing a pair of white pearl studs, with platinum florals.

"A gift from me..." She said, bringing a smile to Lisa's face. She moved closer to her and carefully put them on for her.

"Jendeukie~~ I love it~~" Lisa held Jennie's hand that was now on her shoulder.

Chaeyoung also grabbed another box from the table, and said "... and here's my gift for our precious Lalisa..."

She opened it to reveal a silver, crystal and pearl bridal comb.

"Oh my! Chaeng~~" Lisa looked at Chaeyoung through the mirror.

"Here... I'll put it on for you..." Chaeyoung said as she positioned her veil, and delicately placed the comb in her hair. 

"And finally my turn..." Jisoo walked up, and handed her a peachy pink, peony bridal bouquet, decorated with juliet roses.

Feeling overwhelmed, Lisa choked up, "Jisoo unnie~~~" 

"No no no! No crying, Lisa..." Chaeyoung interrupted her.

"Yep... I worked hard on the makeup..." Jennie added desperately, making all of them giggle.

Jisoo suddenly sighed. "You know... I thought Jennie or Chaeng would be next...." She smiled softly.

"Yah..." Jennie scolded her in a low voice. They don't want to hurt Lisa's feelings...

"Only because they're officially in a relationship..." She quickly added.

A slight frown made itself visible on Lisa's face.

"But you know what..." She placed her hand on Lisa's shoulder. ".... Jungkook is the first and last choice I had for you...." She smiled feeling happy. 

Confusion had now taken over Lisa, "Unnie?..." 

"Yes... Lisa..." Chaeyoung added. "The way you are with him, and the way he takes care of you... I shipped you guys ever since we met...." She crossed her arms as she smiled.

Hearing the two, Lisa gawkily said, "It's because we grew up together... and we're best friends..." 

Jennie sighed. "Anyway.... you'll know some day..." She quickly said and started to distract her again. "Now up up.... we've gotta go..." She gestured with her hands as well.

Jungkook's Dressing Room

"Wahhhh... our maknae!" Namjoon entered the room clapping his hands.

"Ohhh!" Hoseok extolled after him. "You really look handsome in a Tuxedo!" 

Jin suddenly walked up to Jungkook, "Here... I'll do your tie for you..." 

"Hyung...." Taehyung called Jin. "Give him some married life advice..." He added, making the rest burst out in laughter.

Jin sighed following the question. "My case is different... but for Lisa... treat her like a princess, and always love her like you do..." He said rather seriously, making Jungkook look up at him in surprise.

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