27. Be Strong...

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One body cuddled into another, they sat underneath the warmth of a single blanket. They were too comfortable in each other's arms, sitting by the couch watching Avengers: Infinity War.

"Woaah! So cool!" He commented in astonishment, as the TV screen brightens up in front of them. "Iron Man is literally the best avenger..."

She looked up at him, lifting her head from his chest and smiling at him like a mother watching her child.

"You are literally such a baby..." She mumbled grinning before letting her cheek bear back under his neck, into his chest.

"What?" He looked down at her. All he was seeing was the top of her head.

"Nothing..." She giggled quietly.



 "Fine... don't tell me..." He scoffed looking back up at the TV screen, slightly pouting. Indeed, a baby.

It did not even take him too long to get back into the movie. The relationship between his eyes and his interest in the movie was directly proportional. The more he gets into it, the bigger his eyes grew.

"Whaaaaaaaat?!" The two blurted out in one voice. 

"What the hell just happened?" Lisa burst out in confusion.

"Are they all dead now?" His eyebrows crossed.

*ring ring*

"Oh not now!!" He spit out in annoyance. "I need to know what happens...." Eyes still focused on the screen.

The ringing had stopped. But notifications sounds followed one after another.

He finally gave up, and gently tapped Lisa's arm so he could bend forward to pick up his phone.

"Yes Mr. Lee... Is everything alright?" He asked to the man on the line.

Lisa shifted her position to look at him.

"Do I have to?" Jungkook asked, absolutely unwilling to do whatever he is supposed to.

Her gaze was still at him. Except the look on her face no longer depicted worry.

She watches him put down the phone and rub his face.

"You'll have to go out for dinner?" She asked knowingly.

His eyes flinched at her. "How'd you know?"

She chuckled at his surprised form. "This happens a bit more often than you think, so yeah..."

Jungkook's expressions softened at her, as his arms let loose to pull her in his embrace. "I'm sorry I have to leave you at home again..." He muttered apologetically.

"Hey~~~" She cooed hugging him back. "I know you don't want to leave me alone", she rubbed his back, "-but at least I get to have a few hours free of your teasing and trolling." She snickered.

"Yah~" He complained, joining in with the sounds of her giggles.

"No really..." She started. "You literally took me to a theme park yesterday... made me walk so much... just to propose to me..." She exclaimed exaggeratedly.

"But I proposed to you..." He smirked proudly.

Lisa's mind took a short break to process the purpose again. The edges of her lips slightly turned upwards as a soft blush appeared at the apples of cheeks.

She pushed his back, forcing him to get up. "Okay! Now quickly go so you can quickly come back, alright?" 

He scrunched his nose turning his face to her, before lazily going towards their room to change into more presentable clothing.

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