2. Brainwash

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Jungkook's POV

*ding dong*

"I'll get it" TaeTae hyung said as he walked to open the door.

"Oh hi Tae!!" It was her voice. But I stayed put on the sofa, munching on my packet of chips.

"You are welcome..." I heard him say from the door.

"Chaeng!!" Jimin hyung beamed as he walked down the stairs.

"Jiminie!!" She ran up to give him a tight hug.

"Wassup bud!" Lisa said as she sat down next to me.

I smiled and put my hand forward offering her some chips.

"Thanks Kookie..." She said grabbing some.

"Here..." I passed the small blanket next to me and put it on her legs. Why are her shorts always so short? 

"Awww.... Thanks Kookie... Having long legs is no fun...." She pouted and spread the blanket on her legs as she crossed them under it.

"Then don't wear shorts... simple..." I shrugged.

"Ugh... whatever Kookie!" She scrunched her face at me, making me sneer at her.

*ding dong*

"I'll go see..." She said and hurriedly went to the door.

"Jisooo unnie!! Come!" I watched her as she held Jisoo noona's hand and walked her to the sofas. I automatically moved to make some space.

"Ugh... all you are spoiling me too much. Seriously, it's just month two!" Jisoo noona said as Lisa sat her down.

"Unnie are you cold?" Lisa said as she picked up the blanket to wrap around noona. She is so kind and thoughtful of people. Another reason why I love her...

"I'm fine, Lisa-yah!" Jisoo noona smiled back at her.

"You guys sit, and I'll go check if the kitchen is not about to burn down..." Jin hyung said walking towards the kitchen. 

"Why are you so stupid to wear shorts when it's starting to get cold?" I sarcastically told Lisa and passed my blanket to her and got up to head to the kitchen. Of course, that was intentional...  

"Yah! Who are you calling stupid?!" Lisa said getting back at me but I was already far enough, and I just laughed loud enough for her to hear.

"Aigoooo~~ You guys should just date..." Jisoo noona added, making me smile. That's what I have been waiting on for all these years...

"Ah unnieee!" I heard Lisa whine, but she didn't say anything else after that. I really wonder what she feels about me... 

"Guys... let's go to the backyard... the barbeque is ready!" Jin hyung called everyone in the living room.

"Yoongi hyung! Jennie-yah!! If you guys are done please come down!" Hoseok hyung called out to the two who were busy in the room, probably doing something we don't want to know about....

"Jisoo-yah... No soju for you..." Jin hyung told Jisoo noona, while she just nodded sadly, and walked to the backyard with him, hand-in-hand. Someday, I'll be able to hold Lisa's hands like that.

"Gogiiiii~~~~" Lisa ran past me, but suddenly stopped in her way. "Kookie! Let's gooooo!!" She pulled my hand, and rushed for the barbeque. 

After hours and hours of singing and dancing and eating

3rd Person POV

"Buljangnan!" Taehyung sang as he did the moves, while Hoseok joined him too.

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