13. Boomerang

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4 Weeks Later

3rd Person POV

"Yah! I'm not your pillow!" Lisa yells at Jungkook as he plops on the couch and lays his head on her lap.

"Ah! I'm tired~~~" He whines as she tries to push him off.

"Ewww~~~ you're sooo sweaty!" Lisa's face grimaces upon having contact with his t-shirt that was covered in sweat.

"Obviously!" Jungkook scoffs. "I've been in the practice room."

Lisa rolls her eyes at him, "I know that...", she says before going back to check her Instagram. "Those muffled sounds of loud music clearly let me know of that."

Jungkook turns his body, while his head was still on her laps, to get a clear vision of her face.

All of his life he loved this girl, although he did not really realize this until he was old enough to know what love is. What it feels like...

Now that he knows how much he loves her and wants to be with her, his love just feels like a boomerang that never comes back to him...

He waited for so long, and he will still wait more if he has to...

But he has to let her know one day or another.

"What are you staring at?" Lisa asks noticing him, but without taking her eyes off the screen.

He heaves a dramatic pant. "Just thinking about what is so interesting about whatever you have on your phone screen that you won't look at me."

Lisa looks down at him and his puppy face, as she breaks down in a small smile.

"So cute." She comments as she slightly pinches his nose.

"Oww! Stop it!" He holds his nose as if she broke it.

"Idiot." She shakes her head and goes back to her phone.

"No seriously, are you reading one of your 'unggghh' 'aaahhh' stories?" He said imitating moaning sounds.

"Yahh!" Lisa's mouth went agape as she hit his chest. And again and again. "You need to get beaten up!'

Jungkook started chuckling as he tried to stop her from bringing her inner Hulk out.

"Okay! Sorry Sorry Sorry!" He pleaded for his life as he held her fists.

"Hmm!" Lisa said backing off and crossing her arms over her chest.

Jungkook sat up, getting his head off of her laps, and touches his chest to make sure that her punching did not dig a hole on it. "Pheww..." He exhales in relief.

Lisa slowly smiles looking at her screen. "I was just looking at some pictures my cousins in Bangkok posted during the Songkran festival..."

"Ohhhh~~ The Thai New Year right...." Jungkook utters remembering the time when they celebrated the festival back in Busan.

"Mmhmm." Lisa confirms. "I miss the time when we played Songkran with both moms and dads." She glances at Jungkook who seemed to have zoned out thinking about something.

"You okay?" She asks him.

"Yeah! I just remembered something..." He said quickly getting up. "Be right back!" He rushes to the corridor.

A few minutes later, he confidently walks out.

"Are you serious?!" Lisa stands up in amusement. "You brought these?" She said walking towards him.

"Yep!" He says as he held two water guns and brought them up to his face.

He professionally maneuvers one of them and hands it to her.

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