19. Mine

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"Are you ready, Lisa?" He bellowed with lack of patience.

"First of all..." Her voice echoed back from behind the closed door. "...we're not even late..."

The latter smiled at her annoyance. "Even Jimin hyung is not this late..." He scoffed, walking towards the bathroom.

Twisting the door knob, he leaned onto the wall, peeking at her in awe as she put on an earring.

"Excuse me... I'm still getting ready here..." She placed a hand on her hip.

His footsteps recapitulating from the walls of the bathroom as he moved closer to her.

"I know.... I'm here to help..." He pushed her chestnut brown hair that tumbled over her shoulders, replacing it with his chin, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She simpered at his reflection in the mirror. "I don't see how you're being helpful, Kookie..." She placed her hands over his, as he trailed a few kisses on her neck.

As if absorbed in his spell, she bent her neck to the other side, letting him have more access. 

She could let him do this all day... it's never enough...

Her eyes shot open in realization, as she felt a sharp yet sweet pain on the crook of her neck. "Wait, No!"

"Oops..." He let out with his bunny smile, noticing he left his mark there.

"No, you dumbass..." She hit his arms, making her leave from his grasp. "I'm wearing an off the shoulder thing..." She whined, examining the light purple mark through the mirror.

He continued letting out his silent chuckle, seeing her panic at the presence of the fresh hickey. 

"It took me so much time to get rid of the others so I could wear this dress tonight..." She went on, dabbing some concealer onto his imprint.

"Sorry about that..." He pursed his lips, recovering from his chuckles.

She tilted her neck at his reflection, before turning to face him. "You really love giving me these hickeys, don't you?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Well..." He shrugged, cupping her waist with his hands, leaning into her. "I need to let everyone know you're mine..."

He slanted into the curvature of her mouth, right before her finger blocked his puckering lips. "You are NOT ruining my makeup, bunny boy..."

Defeated at not managing to kiss her, he walked backwards with lips pouting at his missed shot. 

"We'll get back to finish that..." He said pointing at her smirking figure as he left the bathroom.

She shook her head at his adorable eagerness, and went on to wear the other earring.

She fixed her hair one last time before making her way outside.

He was already suited up, waiting for her in the living room. 

His eyes glistened at the sight of her.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Done staring?"

"Nope. Never will." He smiled at her approaching figure.

He lifted his arm, allowing her to hook hers with his.

"You look so manly in a suit, Kookie!" She complimented smugly.

He scoffed at her, shaking his head. "Shall we, princess?" He put his other hand out, guiding her to the door.

Lifting the hem of her dress, she said "Yes, my prince...".

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