26. Fireworks

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She walked out to the living room in a cute yellow t-shirt. It was matched with a pair of black jeans that had small rips nipped over her knees. Her mini bump was also a bit more visible by now.

She could totally cosplay a speed bump.

"Ready?" He asked packing his camera in his bag. 

"Most definitely!" She grinned cheekily at him.

As young parents-to-be, the two have a lot to learn. A lot to learn about pregnancy, labor, nutrition...

They have been pregnant for almost 2 months now. Even though it was completely unknown to them for a whole month.

But now that they know, they are doing their best to ensure that their baby arrives to this world safely and healthily.

"Put on your jacket if you feel too cold, okay?" He cooed as he slipped the straps of his bag over his shoulders.

"Did you get everything we might need?" She asked, just in case.

"Hmm~~~ let's see..." His eyes wandered in thought. "Nope! I forgot to give Bubbles a kiss..." He said bending in front of her, and kissed the small bump on her tummy.

She giggled at his action, tangling her fingers in the dark locks of his hair.

Ever since they found out three weeks ago that they were going to have a baby, he always showered Bubbles and Lisa with extra love and care.

He loves them more than anyone else and anything else.

To him... their love is the sky, and their baby is the sun, moon, and stars. He/she brings light to them, and voids any darkness.

"I can't believe I thought of Bubbles as a fetus name..." Lisa giggled yet again, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he stood up in front of her.

"Well that's what our munchkin looked like when we went to the clinic..." He mumbled sweetly, swaying with her in his arms. "Besides... it is a veeeeery cute name!" He sounded.

Lisa beamed back at him, analyzing the brightness of his eyes, and the way they twinkled with his gaze on her. 

"Oh, by the way! Where's my kiss?" She cutely complained.

His mouth opened in realization. "Oh my Gawd?! How could I forget?!" He said before leaning in to give her a long peck on her lips. "There you go!"

"Perfect~ Now we are ready to go!" She nodded her head enthusiastically.

He chuckled at her absolutely adorable perkiness. "Shall we, then?" He let go of her waist and stretched an arm in front of her.

"Yep!" She answered, hugging his side as they walked towards the door.

At Everland

The two were walking around the decorative alleys of the park. Watching, seeing and looking.

"You know..." She started. "I still don't get why you decided to bring me to a theme park when I can't go on any of the rides..." She sassily denounced.

His eyes pinched, shaping like a crescent, thanks to his notorious smile.

"Yah Jeon Jungkook!" She yelled. "You think it's funny?" She furthered turning to face him.

He saw her eyebrows furrow under the shade of her bangs. He knew he might have messed up...

"Hey, calm down princess~~" He tenderly squeezed the fluffiness of her cheeks. They were painted in a soft rosy tint. The cold season was soon beginning...

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