Characters and Backstory

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All members as their natural selves.

Lead Couple:

Jungkook and Lisa 😍😁💜

Other Couples:

Jimin and Rosé (Lovey-Dovey and FLUFFY)

Yoongi and Jennie (Love Hate... mostly love but with tiny arguments)

Jin and Jisoo (Married... and Pregnant 😁😁)

Non-couple characters:

Taehyung T T

Hoseok T T

Namjoon T T


Alternate(ish) Universe Backstory:

All the members of both groups are college students, but have been friends since high school. The other members got to know each other through Lisa and Jungkook, as well their high school's Performance Arts Club.

Lisa, Rosé, Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung are almost done undergraduate students.

Jennie, Jisoo, Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok are pretty much done undergraduate students

All boys lived together in one house and All girls lived together in another house.

But as every couple got married, they moved out to their own house.



Lisa and Jungkook are childhood best friends, and they basically grew up together (not living together) because their parents are best friends too.

Jungkook has feelings for Lisa... ever since they were in high school. However, Lisa was never able to know about his feelings for her.

She shared all her feelings with him, and he did too... except of his love for her.



This story will be fun, cheesy, dramatic, romantic, have 18+ scenes (*wiggles eyebrows*) and everything of the sort that you can think of.

Author's Note

Nyeong An!

This is my second book... which will have every sort of cheesy moment... 😝😝

My first is still on-going with the slowest updates (May the Lord give me the strength and will to work on both 🙏🙏)

It's a Sehun Fanfic called Interwoven Life.... 😊😊

Please show support for both...

I had almost given up on my first book because anyone was hardly commenting (except of my best friend) or showing any kind of support. And so, I had gotten very demotivated....

I hope that doesn't happen with this book.... 😪😔

All sorts of comments are welcome... (at least they'll be there *goes and cries in a corner*)

Love all my fellow Armys and Blinks!!!


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