23. Danger

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18+ Content (or 21+ even)


"Shit..." She cussed.

"Oh well yeah..." He looked her in the eyes, tightening his grip on her hip. "You're in danger tonight..." 

She stood there letting him do what he wants. It's not that she can't stop him... She doesn't want to stop him...

There he was still playing with her feels as he strokes his lips on hers... that evil smirk of his!

She parted her lips, wanting him to turn her inside out. 

Her balled fists, that were once against his chest, had now opened up hovering over his neck and face, waiting for his touch...

"Can you just kiss me?" She exhaled out in exasperation.

"Uh-uh!" He smiled against her. "This time... I'll be the only one leading and ordering..." 

Her eyes that were wandering over his lips, jolted to his eyes. "That's not fair..."

"It wasn't fair for you to turn me on as soon as I woke up too..." He spoke with his deep, husky voice.

Her eyes blinked at his accusation. "But, I was jus-"

"Ugh!" He gruffed at her before harshly attacking her lips. She just had to keep quiet.

He sucked at her lower lip, making her moan at his rudeness.

He smirked leaving her lips. "Already?"

She pulled onto the collar of his shirt to kiss him again. He was talking too much.

Be that as it may... he was too fast. His hands had already left the wall and her hip to grapple her wrists.

"What did I say?" He prompted taking her aback. "Now... Don't move..." He put her on guard. It was a warning...

His hands that were so tightly clutched around her wrists, pulled her arms up, fixing them above her head.

"Keep them there..." He whispered before his fingernails explored them on the way down to her waist.

His lips settled on hers again. The tingling feeling never failing to rush in...

They went on... swimming on her collar bones.

Her head laid back against the wall. Hands desperately wanting to tangle in his ebony hair.

She moaned again as he ran his lips over her skin, leaving sweet bruises in shades of red and purple.

His hand pressed against her tummy, fingers denting onto the lacy texture of her clothing. He didn't want it on her.

His fingers gently rode back up to hers, pulling them down onto the softness of his hair.

She didn't realize when his hands found their way to her back. He had already started to pull her zipper down.

Every friction of his fingers sliding down her back created a current that pulsed through her veins.

He meddled a bit to unhook the hooks of her bra. Another barricade he had to get rid of...

His back hunched as tries to reach her neck. More open-mouthed kisses to leave...

He's really thankful for finding places with no one around, or else he wouldn't have been able to hear her melodic, sugar-coated moans and groans.

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