12. Getaway

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3rd Person POV

"Alright! Everything's in, right?" Namjoon asked as he placed one last bag of the floor.

"Yeah!" Jimin and Taehyung answered at the same time.

"Ah, I'm tired!"Yoongi blabbered as he dropped himself on the black, wool sofa.

"Where are the rest?" Jin asked.

"We're here!" The girls said coming back to the living room from the patio.

"And the view is beauuutiful!" Chaeyoung added excitedly.

"Five of us are here..." Jimin confirmed, as he fixed the black beanie on his head, and tucked his glasses under it.

"Jungkookie's in the bathroom." Taehyung made clear, and just then the latter walked out.

Everyone turned their head towards the sound of the door opening and closing, while a still embarrassed Jungkook looked back at the rest in confusion.

"Everything good?" Jungkook asked as he casually walked towards the rest, after finally managing to control the younger one down there.

"Uhmm guys?" Yoongi spoke suddenly, as he sat up straight on the couch, shifting everyone's attention to him. "Where's Hobi?"

And it was at that moment they realized that their hope, their angel, their best English(eu) speaker was left in the car sleeping.

"Shit!" Jin cursed as he immediately grabbed his keys from the table and ran out with everyone else following behind him in both panic and amusement.

Looking through the window of his car, Jin saw the silhouette of a sleeping Hoseok, pretty much unbothered by the fact that his friends left him locked in the car.

Jin pressed the button to unlock the car, and immediately opened the door. "Hobi-yah! Are you even breathing?" He loses his nerves as he shakes the sleepy figure and presses his finger against his nostrils to check for breathing.

The very thing everyone, who literally were worried but trying to stop from bursting out in laughter, was sure of was that Hoseok was going to wake up in an outright panic mode.

"AhHh!" Hoseok crow-like scream spread in the car, upon seeing the oldest brother, who was losing it, really close to him.

"Oh, you're alive!" Jin backs himself as he cheekily smiles at the his scared expression.

"Ahh! Jin hyung!" Hoseok whines as he places one hand above his chest. "Why'd you scare me like that?!"

Following his reaction, the others could no longer hold their laughter in, and let it all out.

Yoongi walked up behind Jin, and lightly touched his arm to push him.

He bends down to pull Hoseok out, and in a mocking manner says "Tch Tch Tch! Jin hyung forgot you in car..."

Hoseok feeling betrayed looks up at Jin in disbelief.

"Hyung..." He says dramatically.

"Hobi-yah!" Jin slightly punches his chest. "Sorry!!" He says as he grins and acts cutely.

The corners of Hoseok's mouth fall down in disgust upon having to witness that from the oldest, as he downright judges him.

"Ugh, stop it, hyung!" He says as he starts to walk away with Yoongi.

This dramatic act the three just put up left the others clutching their tummies as they try to calm themselves.

"Wahh! I can't believe this just happened!" Jimin said covering his mouth, as he hits a laughing Taehyung next to him.

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