15. The First Night

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Lisa's POV

Sonorous chirping sounds filled the quiescence around the room, waking me up from my deep slumber. 

Opening my eyes, the sight of his radiant yet dainty face had me brimming with a lot of good vibes.

A happy expression spread across my face being the first effect he had on me today, and he was not even trying.

Just a short-lived glimpse of him can put me in such a great mood. Being with him forever will probably work wonders...

I just hope we never have to face any darkness in life. As long as we are together, it will all be fine...

His hold around my waist was still tight. His face still too close...

His lips slightly parted, as his slow and heavy breath tickled my nose.

I could not help it but smile as I started to remember everything we did last night...


"Hey..." He softly called from behind me. "Are you awake?" He whispered, probably not wanting to wake me up if I was not.

Turning my body to face his sleepless distinctiveness, I mumbled "Eung..."

His elbow rested on the pillow to support his coconut head, as he looked down at me bringing his bunny teeth into the view in the dim, bisque light.

He suddenly sat up straight. "Perfect!" He excitedly said before taking my hand from under my cheek.

"Woah! Where are we going?" I ask utterly puzzled as he continues to drag me out of the bed.

He waited for me to put on my slippers still holding onto my hand. "The living room..." He answers.

Swinging my arm as he hippety-hops through the corridor, he glances at me.

His happy and hyper mode is ruthlessly contagious., and in the next moment I found myself skipping along with him as well.

"The living room... what now?" I say catching my breath after all the hopping and leaping.

"Stay here..." He left my hand, skedaddling to his work/gaming room. What is he doing at this time to be honest?

After a short while, he walks out with his Nintendo Switch in his hands and a big smile on his face.

I cross my arms across my chest as I chuckle at him. "Actually that's smart..." I point out nodding. 

"Yep..." He answers as he starts to set everything up. "We'll be able to tire ourselves while still having fun..."  

Stepping forward to join his crouching body, I mimic my voice to make it child-like as I say,  "That's cause you are my smaaart bunny...", as I wrap my arms around my knees and tilt my head to look at him.

Momentarily stopping, he looks at me either judging me hard or suppressing his smile, as I bat my eyes at him sticking around to tease him.

With contracted lips and a small smile, he breaks our eye contact and continues with the set up. "Don't do that..." He silently rumbles.

A sudden musical sound put a stop to my giggle as I looked up at its source. "Yah! Reduce the volume!" I shout covering my ears with my hands.

He frantically rolls backwards and grabs the remote from the coffee table in front of the sofa and lowers the volume. "Whoo!" He exclaims as the loud music from the game subsides.

"Splatoon 2?" I said figuring out the game he chose. I got up with both consoles in each hand, and handed him one. "Game on." I confidently let him know.

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