18. Revealed

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3rd Person POV

He softly smiled as he wrapped his arm over her stomach, moving her form closer to his.

Her back snuggling into his chest as he rests his head behind her.

Her eyes slowly blinked open, and shut back again upon feeling his lips tenderly press against the bareness of her shoulder and brushing up her neck.

"Morning, love." His breezy voice whispered into her ear.

The muscles in her cheeks could not help but automatically react to his voice.

"Morning, Kookie." She smiled groggily, letting the memories they shared last night come to her mind.

Their bodies stayed against each other like that for quite some time, as they let themselves adjust to the brightness reflecting from the walls of the room.

After a while, Lisa tiredly sat herself up, as his hand got dragged with the movement of her body.

She leaned her head back, eyes shut and eyebrows slightly furrowing.

He noticed her expression , and let his hand caress her bare back. "Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

She gingerly scoffed at his question, turning her head to look back at his lying body, "Do you think I am after the Jeon Jungcock situation?"  

He silently chuckled with her before saying "I'm so sorry Lisa... ".

She looked back yet again, "Don't be... I'll never regret it..."

After a bit, he got out of bed and gently scooped her with the sheets still covering her.

"What are you doing, Kookie?" She asked inevitably surprised by his adorable action, grasping onto his shoulders.

"Helping you with a nice and warm shower." 



He let her legs drop down right under the shower. Toes curling at the coldness of the ceramic tiles.

His hand slipped from around her waist, extending to the tap, letting the water fall from above.

The sheets were no longer on her.

The warmth from the trickles of water felt like it could cure the pain of a thousand years.

She closed her eyes and faced upwards, letting the heat soak into her skin.

The water dripping down her hair softly.

His concerned eyes left hers and went down to her neck and chest. 

He looked back up at her, moving the wet tress stuck onto the softness of her skin. "Lisa I-"

"Don't say sorry again!" She smirked with her eyes still closed, that flashed open right after. 

She raised her hand, cupping it around his neck. Her thumb caressing the purple spot she planted on. "I gave you a few hickeys too..."

Still perplexed at how she knew what he was thinking, all he managed to do was chuckle.

"Besides..." She said squeezing some shower gel onto her palm. "This was just our first. Now that we have experience... we'll know what to do the next time..." She said grinning bashfully.

All he could do was look down at her in amusement. Her sounding like this... 

He held her palm, rubbing his against hers. "I'll do it for you..." He said as the soapy liquid transferred onto his hands.

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