wowowowow. this is the first fanfic I've ever finished without deleting half way through I'm laughing.

Okay wow I'm so very very emotional I hope that last chapter was decent :--O it's kinda short I know but I didn't wanna drag it out too much so yeah...
Okay so Addicted is finished (I know I said I'd update it tomorrow but I got too excited lol)
Anyways, thank you all so much, it's been an absolutely amazing journey and I can't thank you all enough for all the reads and the votes and the comments, you guys make me happy

Just because it's over doesn't mean you can't still share with your friends lol please do I'm thirsty for reads

I hope you guys loved it just as much as I did! There will be no sequel, or an epilogue, but if you like my writing then feel free to check out my other stories (shameless self promotion (I get it from 5sos) I'm not even sorry)
So there is Amnesia, which is a Calum AU and it's the one I'm going to start focusing on.
Then there's an Ashton AU called Chapstick, and a Michael AU called Rejects!

It won't be a series or anything, and the books won't be connected in any way, they're all just their own individual stories so yeah...

okay I thinks that's it, I love you all so so so so much and I'll probably start editing this story soon bc god knows I make more typos than 5sos put together (sorry about that)

remember! You can talk to me on snapchat if you want my thingo madooba is hiorhemmo so yeah it's be cool if some of you wanted to come have a chat bc I need more friends yay :-D

if you've got any questions at all, whether it's about the story or just life in general just leave a comment on this chapter somewhere or leave a message on my message board and I will answer anything you need to ask as best as I possibly can

thanks for everything, this has been absolutely amazing, you're all fan-fucking-tastic !! xxxxxxxxx

endless love,

-Abbey xx

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