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"Where did you guys run off to?" Chloe asks as soon as I step into the kitchen. She is standing over a saucepan with what looks like bolognaise cooking inside, a pot of spaghetti next to it.
"Hello to you too" I say sarcastically, jumping up into the kitchen counter next to her. "Is this cooked?" I ask and she nods. Pulling the wooden spoon from her hand, I take a big scoop out of the saucepan and blow on it before shoving it in my mouth. "Tastes good" I tell her, handing her the spoon and she rolls her eyes. "I took Luke to meet Jye" I shrug, leaning forward and grabbing a lock of Chloe's blonde hair.
I twist it between my fingers, playing with the soft curls.
"How'd he take it?" She asks, still stirring the meat.
"I think he was a bit shocked when I pulled up to the cemetery but he was cool with it" I tell her and she nods, smiling.
"He's a keeper, Kate. Don't push him away"
"I'm trying my hardest not to" I admit, and she flashes me her white teeth in a beautiful smile.
"Come eat" She says and I jump off the bench, grabbing a bowl and serving up a big meal of spaghetti bolognaise, wanting to get in before the boys did.
After Chloe and I got ours, she called out to let the 4 rabid yetis know their food was waiting.
"Don't forget our gig is tomorrow night" Luke reminds me before I step
out of the car. He insisted on driving me to work this morning, not that I really put up too much of a fight. This boy was doing strange things to me and I still hadn't decided whether I liked it or not.
"How could I forget" I smile.
"Have a good day, beautiful" He says and my face heats up.
"Catch ya, babycakes" I shut the door, trying to stop him from seeing my red cheeks. I walk to the door of the shop and unlock it, walking in and getting ready for the day. I turn on the music over the speakers and make sure everything is in place before flipping the sign out front to show that we are open.
The day carries on uneventfully until I go on my lunch break. I had to walk down to a small cafe because I didn't have a car, so I went and got a pie. On my way out, though, who should I see but Luke's lovely ex-girlfriend walking towards me. I quickly re-enter the cafe and go into the bathroom. I know it's foolish for me to hide from her but she is the last person I would've liked to see. I hated her so much for what she did to Luke. She hurt him and I had to refrain from doing the same to her. After a few minutes of waiting, I slowly leave the bathroom, checking that the coast is clear before leaving the cafe. I may or may not have ran a little bit.
When I was finally in the safety of my record shop, I let out a deep breath and walked to the front counter, starting on my pie.
"I saw you" I look up and see the slut herself standing at the front of the shop.
I'd be lying if I said a little bit of pee didn't come out.
"Congrats. That puts you above Stevie Wonder on my 'good eyes' list" I say and then look back down at my meat pie, tearing off a bit and putting it in my mouth, ignoring the devil in front of me.
"Are you and Luke fucking?" Natasha asks and I almost choke on my pie.
"Nah mate. Not all of us put out in the first few seconds"
"I would've expected that from you, though" She bites back and I laugh.
"Righto man" I say, rolling my eyes.
"You're not missing out"
"I guess you'd have a lot to compare him to, am I right?" I raise my brow at her and she shifts uncomfortably, trying to come up with something else to say. Chloe always told me I had such a quick wit, and I had to agree with her.
"Not my fault I'm hot" She simply says.
"Why are you here?"
"I wanted to tell you to stay away from Luke. We will end up together. We have a future"
"You're delusional. The only future you've got is kids hanging from your tits, sucking you dry while you give a sloppy lap dance to whatever crusty old creep that wants one" I spit, rolling my eyes and tearing off another piece of pie.
"Whatever. Just know that Luke doesn't want you. You're nothing but a rebound" She shrugs and I scoff.
"Why don't you just run along to the father of your baby? Oh, I guess it'd probably help if you knew who it was"
"You're incredibly rude"
"Thanks. I'll take that one home with me. Try to work on it"
"I don't see how Luke can put up with you"
"He must have a lot of patience if he put up with your whiny arse for 2 and a half years"
"Luke loved me"
"You still cheated on him anyway though, right? Shows how much you loved him" My voice is filled with so much venom I'm surprised she hasn't dropped dead yet.
"What's your point?" She asks and I laugh loudly at her. I pick up the phone off of the desk, putting my pointer up to her to signal for her to wait a second.
"Yeah? Ok, I'll let her know" I say into the phone. "That was the brothel. They need you back there, one of the other prostitutes called in sick. I think she has an STI, but I guess you'd know more about that than me" I smirk at her, putting the phone back down on the desk.
"Ugh" She says, turning around to leave.
"I hate it when work calls me in on my days off, too" I call out to her, a smug grin on my face as she storms outside.
"How was work?" Luke asks when I jump into his car. He speeds off into the road and I laugh to myself quietly.
"The lovely Tash stopped by"
"You're joking. What'd she say?" He asks, a scowl taking over his features.
"The bullshit you'd expect her to say. I mean, she does talk out of her arse" I mutter and Luke laughs quietly.
"Did you hit her?"
"Sadly, no"
"Nice work. I'm proud of you" He jokes, poking my cheek quickly.
"Thanks. Hey, what food isn't grown on Earth?" I say and he looks at me confusedly.
"I don't know?"
"Alien food"
"I don't know. You have dimples" I say, pointing out the little dint in his cheek when he smiles at my crappy joke.
"Shocking!" He gasps.
"Shut up"
"I don't mind"
"I know you don't" He winks and I roll my eyes, slapping his shoulder.
"Guess what!" I jump up suddenly.
"What!?" He says, mocking my enthusiasm.
"Don't worry about it then" I say, crossing my arms over my chest and looking out the window.
"I'm kidding! Tell me" He says, laughing at my childish behaviour.
"My boss has this beach house thing at this really nice place and the beaches are like amazing and his beach house is humongous. Anyway, he told me today that because I work so hard all the time, I can have the week off next week and stay at his beach house!" I say, dancing in my seat.
"Are we invited?"
"Of course not" I scoff.
"De-stress your breasts, I'm only joking" I laugh, patting his chest softly.
"Isn't it calm your tits?"
"My one is far more sophisticated"
"Of course" He smirks, rolling his eyes.
"Will you guys be able to get off work for a whole week, though?" I ask him, and he shrugs.
"Only one way to find out"
"You're so wise" I chuckle.
"Yeah, my walking stick is in the back seat, along with my dentures"
"You're also very weird"
"You are too"
"Not nearly as bad as you are, Luke" I laugh and he huffs.
"You'll live"
"I don't think I will, actually" He sighs, turning off into my street.
"You're a dork"
"I've been called a lot of things these last few minutes" He points out.
"You deserve it" I joke, making him smile.
"Buy some cement, build a bridge, and get the fuck over it" I giggle.
"Now who's the wise one"
"Still you. You've got longer nose hair than I do" I tell him and he shrugs, nodding, making me laugh. I'm almost confused when he gets out of the car. I was so wrapped up in our little word of nonsensical banter that I didn't even realise we'd arrived. I open up my door and run around to Luke who was waiting for me before we walk into the complex together.
"Did you slay Natasha?"
"I hope so" I shrug.
"I bet you did. She's a tad slow, so she wouldn't have come up with much to say back to you. You're far too quick. And sassy" He chuckles, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. My body stiffens but then relaxes into him. I'm getting a lot better with this whole human contact thing and I think it may have something to do with the fact that it's Luke.
We step into the elevator, his arm not leaving my shoulder while he leans forward and presses the number for my floor.
"You know what's weird?" Luke asks me.
"You?" I say and he rolls his eyes, flicking my nose.
"Ha. Ha. Very funny. But no. What I meant was, we have known each other for less than 2 months and we've already been through so much together" We step out of the elevator and start for my door.
"Most of that is my fault" I sigh and he shrugs.
"I think we are closer because of it"
"Remember when I hated you?" I giggle.
"Ah yes. It seems like only yesterday we became friends" He says thoughtfully as we reach my door.
"What stage are we on?" I ask, unlocking my door with the key and opening it.
"What level of what sector are we on?"
"Oh! I think we must be on stage 2 of the best friend sector by now" He tells me and I laugh at him.
"That sounds fair"
"Before you know it, we will be on stage 5 of 'lovers' and I'll be banging you on the kitchen table" He says proudly.
"Only if you take me out to Italian afterwards"
"I wouldn't dream of doing anything else" He smirks and I giggle, pushing him off of me.
"Hey babe" Chloe says from her spot on the lounge, curled up in a little ball as she stares at the television. I grab a blanket from the drawer inside the coffee table and spread it over her, before falling down next to her, pulling Luke down with me.
"Hi, where's your thing?" I ask.
"He had to go shopping after work" Chloe says, still looking at the TV. She snuggles further into the blanket and buries her head in my neck.
Luke puts his huge ass flamingo legs up on the coffee table, resting back with his arms behind his head.
"Did you work today?" I ask her and I feel her nod.
"Yeah, Sue let me off early though because we weren't busy" She says, referring to her boss. I nod and focus on the show, it's one of those police shows with all the car chases and drug dealers.
It doesn't really grab my attention, but I can't say the same for Luke and Chloe. They look so intrigued it's almost comical, with they're bodies so still I almost check their pulses to make sure they're still alive.
"Hey!" Michaels voice yells from the front door and I watch him disappear into the kitchen with a bunch of plastic bags in his hands. The other two are unresponsive so I jump to my feet and walk out to the kitchen behind him.
"Jesus, you haven't moved in have you?" I ask him, standing in the doorway of the kitchen while I watch him unpack the plastic bags.
"No, but I can see you would be excited if I did" He says sarcastically, rolling his eyes at me. "Chlo asked me to pick up some stuff for you guys. Plus, they had a special on for ice-cream so I bought a few tubs" He says with a devious look in his eyes.
"How many is a few?" I ask and he replies by pulling out tub after tub.
"Michael! You bought 8 tubs of ice-cream!?"
"They were on special!"
"That doesn't mean you can buy 8 fucking tubs!"
"It kinda does"
"We will never eat all of this"
"That's what I'm here for" He smiles, packing the freezer. "We're having meat for dinner, there's no room in the freezer for it" Michael informs me, packing the freezer with the 4 litre containers of ice-cream. He can only fit 4 tubs in though.
"There's a big freezer in the laundry" I mumble, shaking my head at him.
"Thanking you!" He smiles, picking up his ice-cream and leaving me to slap my forehead repeatedly. At least he got neapolitan ice-cream.
"What did he do now?" A deep voice says from behind me and I turn around to beautiful blue eyes.
"He bought 8 4 litre tubs of ice-cream" I groan.
"What's the problem?" Luke asks, his eyebrow raised as if he can't find a single thing wrong with any of this.
"You boys are unbelievable"

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