"You touch me, you die" I warn Luke as I settle into my sleeping bag inside our fairly large tent that we put up earlier today. By 'we', I really mean Luke. I didn't really have a clue as to what to do and how to put it up so I sort of just shouted encouragements at him and watched from afar with a bag of barbecue flavoured chips in hand.
"Message received, loud and clear" He says with a small salute and I roll my eyes, turning my back to him. "Goodnight Katie" He says quietly.
"Goodnight" I reply, a small smile on my face as I snuggle further into the warmth of the fabric cocoon.
"You touch me, you die" I wake up to a funny sounding voice. It was unnaturally high-pitched and sounded like a male trying to do an impression. I felt something underneath me vibrate as the words were spoken and I opened my eyes slightly, completely confused.
I jumped back almost immediately as I realised I was cuddling a body.
A man's body.
Luke's body, to be exact.
"If you ever bring this up, I will murder you" I say sleepily, kicking off my sleeping bag and leaving the tent, a yawn emitting my lips.
A lump of charcoal and burnt wood say in the place of last night's campfire, Ashton sitting on one of the logs and staring intently at the mound of black.
I reached into the tent and grabbed a jumper that I think could have belonged to Luke, putting it over my goose-bump ridden body, and hugging it to myself as I walked over to Ashton and sat beside him.
I traced the colourful polka dots on my flannelette pyjama pants that were a size too big and usually went under my heels, if I didn't roll them up at the waist.
"Morning" Ashton says and by the thickness of his voice I can tell he hasn't been awake for very long.
"How'd you sleep?" He asks, not taking his eyes off of the burnt out fire.
"Good, you?"
"Swell" He giggles and I can't help but smile. "You have no idea how warm Calum is and how good he is to cuddle with" Ashton laughs loudly and I shake my head at him, grinning.
"She knows how good of a cuddler I am" Luke says smugly as he exits our tent.
"Is that so?" Ashton raises an eyebrow at me and I send Luke a menacing glare.
"Shut up. I was cold and you were warm" I defend myself. "Don't flatter yourself too much"
"Sure, sure. I think she just wants a ride on the Hemmo express. First stop, pleasureville" Ashton smirks and Luke howls with laughter, Ashton joining him while I sit there in silence, unamused.
"Who's having sex?" Calum asks as he also comes out.
"No one!" I shout.
"Oh, Kate and Luke?" Calum asks and Ashton nods. "I'm sure that'd go down well with a certain somebody" Calum rolls his eyes and sits down next to me, putting his arms around me. "Cuddle me, I'm cold" He pouts and I almost laugh at how adorable he looks with his big eyes, pouty lips and unruly bed hair.
"I'm not a hugger" I say, shaking my head.
"I'll do all the work" He chuckles, resting his head on my shoulder.
"I don't believe that for a second" Luke says.
"What?" I ask him.
"That you're not a hugger. Hugs are amazing. Everyone is a hugger" Luke explains and Calum hums in agreement.
"I love cuddles" Calum says in a childish voice. It would sound stupid if anyone else did it, but he managed to make it really cute.
"I think they're just awkward" I shrug, making Calum's head move up slightly.
"You mustn't be hugging the right people then" Ashton pipes in.
"Feel free to hug us whenever you want" Calum tells me.
"We should make business cards" Ashton laughs.
"Hugs 'R' Us" Luke adds and all 3 of the boys start giggling.
"You guys are the biggest kids I have ever met" I laugh.
"Is that my jumper?" Luke asks, pointing to me.
"Yeah, it's the first one I grabbed. Do you want it back?" I ask, going to pull it over my head.
"No. No, leave it on. It looks good on you" He smiles, sending me a wink before standing up and muttering something about cooking bacon.
"Did I hear bacon?" Michael says, his head popping out of the tent opening.
"How do you always do that?" Luke asks in disbelief.
"Sorry what? Can't hear you from all the way over here" Michael says, making a face as he tries to listen closer to Luke.
"You're unbelievable" Luke sighs, shaking his head and reaching into the esky to get what he needs.
"Move your arse out of my face. If you fart, I swear to God I will rip out your eyes and use them to block up your butthole" I hear Chloe say from in the tent, obviously being held up by Michael who's head was still the only thing visible to us.
"Sounds tempting..." Michael teases.
"Don't you dare!" Chloe shrieks, before Michael comes toppling out of the tent, landing face first in the dirt.
"Babe. I wasn't actually going to" He whines, picking himself up off the ground.
Chloe comes out of the tent seconds later, shooting her boyfriend a playful glare.
"Morning everyone" She says with a smile, winking at me. We all reply with lazy greetings and I watch as she gazes after Michael, looking completely love sick.
"They are so good together" Calum mumbles, obviously noticing the way she was staring as well.
"They are. I'm just a bit worried about her though. I know Michael is a great guy, but I've never seen her fall so hard so quickly before, I don't want her getting hurt" I sigh.
"I don't think Michael will be hurting her anytime soon" Ashton giggles, smiling at the sight of Michael and Chloe. They were playing a weird form of some clapping game, one that her and I used to do as children.
"Michael! If you want bacon, light the fire" Luke demands, putting the bacon out on a weird tray thing that must go over the fire.
"Effort, no bacon, effort, no bacon, effort, no bacon" Michael says to himself, putting his hands out in front of him as if he were weighing something out, making Chloe giggle, which brought a smile to his face almost instantly. "Can't someone else do it?" He whines.
"I will" Ashton sighs, sliding off of the log and going to collect some sticks and wood.
"Thank you Ashton" Luke says, rolling his eyes at Michael, who was already back to his little game with Chloe.
"I'll help" Calum says once Ashton comes back with a bunch of sticks. They both sit in front of the fire, Ashton down on his knees and Calum squatting down, struggling to keep his balance.
"I would help, but nah" I say, leaning back a bit and although I wouldn't admit it out loud, I missed Calum's warmth.
"Calum! You're doing it all wrong!" Ashton exclaims, flicking the boys ear.
"Ow! Calm down Girl Scout. Sheesh. Is there even a wrong way to make a fire?" Calum remarks.
"Yes! And it's the way you're doing it"
"Sorry not all of us were cut out for the scout life" Calum laughs.
"I wasn't in Scouts!" Ashton shouts, pushing Calum and making him fall over.
"Build your own fire"
"I damn will"
"I'm going to talk to Luke" Calum mumbles.
"Bitch" Calum spits under his breath and I bust into laughter. I laugh so hard that I lose my balance and I fall off of the log with a shriek and a thud.
"Oh my God, are you alright?" Calum asks, clearly trying to hold in his laughter. I answer him with another fit of laughter which he soon joins me in, before reaching out his hand and helping me up.
"I think I'm concussed" I joke, rubbing the back of my head. Calum leaned down and pressed a kiss to where I was rubbing.
"There. All fixed" He smiles, before walking over to Luke.
"Eureka!" Ashton shouts giddily and I turn to see a fire in place of the burnt out logs.
"Nice work Ash!" I say, patting his back, and he smiles at me proudly.
"Yay! Bacon!" Michael shouts, sitting down on a log and pulling Chloe onto his lap, burying his face in her shoulder.
"Yay!" Everyone cheers back, followed by laughter. I think having friends is the best decision I've ever made.
"Wow" Calum gasps from beside me, and I reach down and grab his snapback, having a height advantage what with being on Luke's shoulders and all. "Hey!" He exclaims, pouting up at me and crossing his arms over his chest. I just shrug and put the hat on my head backwards.
"You look hot" Ashton comments and I flash him a grin.
"I know" I giggle, and I put my hands back onto Luke's head to steady myself, my fingers resting in his surprisingly soft hair.
"This is so beautiful" Chloe squeals, staring in awe at the sight in front of us. We had all thrown on our swimmers and grabbed our towels, me ending up on Luke's shoulders somehow during the process, and we walked through the thick bush to a fairly large lake type thing I had found earlier on one of my adventures.
The water was clear, and looked very deep, deep enough to be able to jump off of the rock ledges surrounding the glistening water. Muddy banks and luscious green grass surrounded it, just adding to the beauty.
A gap in the thick layer of leaves that the top of the trees formed allowed sunlight to seep through, reflecting off of the water and making it look like it was shining. It really was a beautiful sight.
"The water is going to be cold" Michael whined.
"Oh put on your big boy boots and stop being such a pussy" Chloe scolded him, slapping his head softly.
"Are you gonna get off my shoulders anytime soon?" Luke asks me.
"Probably not"
"Well getting my singlet off could be a problem" He chuckles.
"You'll manage" I shrug and he sighs.
"Well I'm going to need your cooperation"
"If I can be bothered" I reply simply, and Luke groans, trying to undress with a 19 year old girl on his shoulders. I had to give him a gold star for effort.
"Took your time" I snort, after he finally managed to get his shirt off after 5 minutes.
"Oh hush" He laughs, pulling down his shorts and throwing his clothes and sunglasses onto the muddy bank that was mostly dried up. I pull my singlet over my head and hand it to him, and he puts it with his stuff. I didn't wear shorts, fortunately, so I was ready to go.
Ashton and Calum were already in the water and Chloe was working on dragging her stubborn boyfriend in.
"Ready?" Luke asks me, grabbing onto my legs as he began to jog towards the rocks. He climbed a bit of the flat surface and onto a small ledge about a metre and a half up from the water. "Yay!" He shouts, without even letting me answer, and he runs off the ledge, jumping into the water and bringing me with him.
We hit the water and separate, and I feel the cold immediately. It's not cold enough to have me running to get out though. I come back up above the water, spraying out a mouthful of it, 'accidentally' hitting Luke.
"Ew!" He exclaims, spinning around almost immediately. I can only just stand up when I'm on my tip toes, feeling the muddy ground squishing beneath my feet, and it makes it really hard to make a quick getaway when Luke lunges at me, diving on top of me and embracing me in a bone-crushing hug. "You're gonna pay for that"

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