"Kaaaaatiieeee" Luke shouted to me from his bedroom.
"Luukkeee" I shout back.
I didn't take my eyes off of the movie that Calum, Michael and I were watching as I waited for his response.
"Can you please come here?" He yelled and I huffed, standing up from the lounge and walking towards his bedroom. I opened the door to see him with his guitar and he looked up at me with a grin.
"What do you want now?" I ask, sitting down on the floor in front of him.
"I want to teach you how to play guitar" He says. "It'll be really cute and tumblr"
I was about to tell him that I had been playing guitar for 3 years now but I decided to just let him enjoy himself.
"Sure" I smile and I sit next to him on the bed.
"Okay, what song?" He asks and I choose the one I most recently learnt.
"If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn" I tell him and he cracks a grin.
"Good choice, bub" He giggles.
He proceeded to show me all the chords and where to put my fingers and I purposely stuffed up every now and then to convince him that I was 'just learning'. "There we go. Now, play it" He says and I stuff up the first chord, acting like it was an accident.
"God, this is frustrating" I groan, trying to sound as genuine as possible.
"You'll get it" He assures me and I nod, before trying again and playing through the entire song flawlessly. I look at Luke with a sheepish grin and he looks back at me with an utterly classic shocked expression.
"You literally learnt that in under 10 minutes" He says, dumbfounded and I laugh at him.
"I've played guitar for three years, Luke"
"Oh" He says quietly.
"Hey, you know what else is cute and tumblr?" I ask, trying to bring his previous plan back to life. "If we play together. Here, I'll sit in your lap and do the chords and you can do the strumming" I tell him and his face lights up. "You're so adorable" I gush, sitting in his crossed legs, and he begins to strum the song, singing softly in my ear as I do all the chords, my entire body covered in goosebumps as my back leans against his chest for support.
When we finish the song he puts the guitar down on the ground and wraps his arms around my waist, putting his chin on my shoulder and swaying us from side to side. He moves his head and begins kissing at my neck softly, tickling me a little bit. I get up from his lap and turn around, pushing at his chest so that he falls back on the bed and I climb on top of him, lowering my head to his and our lips attach to each other like magnets.
His hands rest on my hips and mine are holding me up on either side of his head as I lean on my forearms.
I tilt my head slightly and deepen the kiss, my tongue slipping into his mouth. Our tongues move together, and after a while I grab his bottom lip between my teeth, sucking on it slightly before letting it bounce back and I return my mouth to his. His hands slowly move further up my body, until they are under my shirt and resting on my ribs.
He moves up the bed so that his head is on the pillows, and he sits up slightly, making it easier for me.
Our mouths move like they've done it a million times before, dancing a perfect routine that showed all the pain we had been through these past two months.
So much had happened and I was so glad I had Luke to help me through it. He did help. So, so much. And I was so grateful that it couldn't even be expressed with words. So I was showing him, using my mouth in a different way, making sure he knew how much he meant to me with the way I massaged my tongue against his.
We had never properly made out like this before, it was a new and very welcome experience. There were party poppers being popped inside me, a million and one emotions flying out like streamers, filling me up until I could feel no more.
Is two months enough time to fall in love?
God, who was I kidding. I love him. I'm in love with him. I don't care if we've only been together for a small amount of time, I've still known him for long enough for my feelings to grow into something so much more real.
I can't tell him though. I will let him say it first, because I don't want to ruin what we have. I mean, he only just recovered from the Natasha scene.
And maybe it wasn't love I was feeling. Maybe it was just the passion of the moment we were having that was flaming inside me that made me think like that.
I couldn't possibly love Luke.
Not now, anyway. Right?
Right. I was being stupid. I don't, I couldn't, I shouldn't, and I mustn't love Luke. It's as simple as that.
But with his hands trailing fire along my back and my sides, and with one of my hand on his jaw and the other on his shoulder, it just felt right. I couldn't possibly explain it. It just felt good.
"Oh my lanta! Someone get me 79 bottles of holy water, 3 bibles and the Pope. Stat!" Ashton yells and I turn my head away from Luke to see Ashton in the doorway, looking horrified.
"Piss off, Ashton" Luke whines from underneath me.
"Fine, just- just no baby making in here, alright? We're too young to die" Ashton says and he slams the door shut so I look back at Luke.
"Well, that turned out pretty great" He laughs, kissing my lips quickly.
"I was thinking the same thing" I smile.
"Would you like to continue or are you sick of having my tongue in your mouth?" He asks me and I laugh.
"Well, I don't think I'll ever be sick of doing that, but I am kinda hungry"
"Is my saliva not enough for you?"
"You're gross" I say, standing to my feet. "I'm gonna go home, let the boys have a little manly time, you're welcome to come, you're welcome to stay here, it's up to you" I say, beginning to put my stuff in my bags.
"I'll come by later on? I've just got to handle some things first" He suggests and I nod.
"Perfect" I walk over to him and kiss him and he pulls me closer and deepens it, his tongue once again moving into my mouth.
"Bye bub, see you tomorrow" Luke says after pulling away and he pecks my lips a couple times.
"Bye, Luke" I grab my bag and walk out, waving at him from the doorway and he grins at me, waving back. "See ya later guys" I say to the boys and Michael pauses their movie.
"Where are you going?" Calum asks.
"Home, I'll get out of your hair for a little while" I smile, leaning down and hugging each of them.
"Oh okay, so you hook up with our bandmate and then leave? I see how it is" Ashton says, trying to keep a straight face but it doesn't last long and soon enough he's laughing at his own joke.
"God, you're a special one" I laugh, hugging him also before I bound over to the door and yank it open.

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