"Luke, I swear to God if you don't hurry up, I will castrate you with a rusty butter knife and force feed you your own testicles" Ashton says to the blonde boy who was sat next to me. Luke groaned, and pulled off his shirt, throwing it to the ground. He leaned back against the lounge, in nothing but his underwear and a dog tag necklace. I didn't mind.
We were playing trivial pursuit, well a bit of a modified version, anyway. We ditched the boards and just kept the cards, and if you got the question wrong, you had to remove a piece of clothing. I was reluctant to play at once, for a million and one reasons, but I trust these people, so I joined the game anyway.
"Michael" Luke began, reading from the card he had pulled out. "How was Abraham Lincoln killed?"
"Uh, uh. He was assassinated!" Michael shouts, pretending to wipe the sweat off of his forehead when Luke nods at him, and Michael returns his arm around Chloe's shoulder. We had all been drinking all afternoon, but we had hardly gotten started. It was only 9:30, the night was young and we had a lot of plans. Of course we were playing with the kids questions, seeing as only 2/6 of us had actually graduated high school, but we were all still struggling.
Question after question was asked and Calum was now sitting there with nothing but a hand over his wang, a pink tint on his cheeks seeming permanent. I was down to my bra and panties, and Chloe had only taken her top off, as she knew almost all of the answers. Smart arse. Ashton and Luke were just in their underwear while Michael was the same, except with his socks still on.
"Can we stop now?" Calum asks, cheeks flaming.
"Yeah, save the boy further embarrassment" I laugh, starting to pull my clothes back on. "Let's play King Of Beers!" I suggest, now fully clothed.
After several drinking games, we were now all at least a little bit drunk, Luke and Chloe the most.
"Let's go swim in the pool" Luke whispers in my ear, his hot breath fanning over me.
"I'll meet you out there in 5" I tell him and he nods, standing up and leaving without anyone noticing.
I wait 6 minutes, and then slip out of the room as discreetly as possible, and I run through the house and out to the pool, where Luke is waiting, already in the water. I pull off my shirt and pants and jump in next to him, getting a splash in the face as soon as I resurface so I go to splash him back, but he catches my wrists in his hands, stopping me. He leans in closer to me, and I bite my lip before dipping under water and swimming away, popping back up a few metres away from him where he looks at me with pouted lips.
They soon form into a smirk, and he wades over to me, doggy-paddling his way across. He grabs my waist in his hands, and then suddenly throws me up out of the water, making me go back a metre or two.
"Hey!" I exclaim and I swim back over to him, pushing down on his shoulders to get him under the water but he doesn't budge.


"Wait. Where's Katie and Luke?" I ask, suddenly realising they were missing from the group. All I get are shrugs in response. "Let's go spy on them" I giggle, and the other 3 jump up almost instantly.
"I think I hear them in the pool" Calum says, and we run towards the sound of laughing, until sure enough we have a clear view of the pool. The blue underwater lights are glowing, making the two figures look like smurfs. I giggle at that.
We creep around behind the bushes near the pool and watch them splash each other and wrestle, laughing away together.
"Get out of the pool or we'll call the police" Michael says in his manliest voice and Calum and I bite our lips to hold in our laughter. Luke and Kate stop, looking around to find the source of the news. "Stop having sex in the pool, other people need to swim in it too" Michael calls, his hand over his mouth to muffle it slightly.
"Michael" Luke sighs.
"Yeah?" The dyed-haired boy says, popping up behind the bushes.
"Piss off"
"Okay" Michael shrugs, walking inside.
"You guys, too" Luke says sternly.
"Dammit!" Calum mumbles, jumping up, and Chloe and I trudge behind him as we find our way back inside.
"Now, where were we?" I hear Luke ask.
"I think I was about to drown you" Katie giggles back and that's all I hear before I slide the door shut, smiling just at the thought of the happiness they both obviously feel whenever they are together.

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