Holy shit chapter 30 where did the time go *too much by atl plays softly in the background*


"Last night was amazing" Luke mumbles.

"It really was" I say, cuddling into his bare chest.

"Were you born on a farm?" Luke asks me.

"Uh, no? Why?"

"Cause you really know how to raise a cock"

"Luke!" I squeal, and we both burst into laughter. "How do you even come up with these things?" I ask.

"My mind is a weird place"


"Hey!" He says, tickling my sides.

We are interrupted by Luke's phone ringing on the bedside table, and Therapy fills the room.

"Hello?" He says into the phone.

"Oh shit, okay"

"Just let me put some pants on, I'll be there in 10" He says and hangs up. "My Aunty brought Grace around to my place, I completely forgot about it, anyway she's there now so I've gotta go, do you want to come?"

"Sure" I nod and we both quickly get changed before he grabs his bag and we rush out to his car. "You're ring tone is therapy" I say and he smiles.

"Remember our date and it came on and you said you love that song? Ive had it like that ever since that night because it reminds me of you. That was the night when I really started to fall in love with you" He says, grabbing my hand.

"Jesus, did you go to school or something to learn how to be perfect?"

"You say weird things"

"So do you"


Luke and I jump out of the car when we reach his place, and walk inside, heading up to his level in the elevator.

"What happened to this when it was out of order?" I ask and he laughs softly.

"The boys and I broke it" He says.

"How did you manage to break an elevator!?"

"Long story. We get pretty destructive when we are all extremely drunk and in a good mood"

"Oh God" I laugh, a million possibilities as to what they could've done running through my head. It could've been anything, really. You could never tell with these boys.

"I'm so sorry, I completely forgot" Luke says to his aunty as soon as we come inside.

"It's fine! She's having a lovely time with our friends. Now, I really must go, I will be back to get her in a few hours" His aunty told him and he kissed her on the cheek before she smiled at me on her way out.

Luke and I follow the loud giggles that can only belong to Grace until we are in the lounge room.

"Mmm, I'm feeling a bit hungry. I feel like eating something big. Something yummy" Ashton says, rubbing his belly. "You look like just what I'm looking for!" He yells, moving his hands to Grace's belly and tickling her.

"No! Don't eat me!" She yells, running away and Ashton chases after her on his hands and knees.

"Oh no! My lunch is escaping!" He exclaims, and she catches sight of Luke, running straight to him.

"Luke! Will Smith is chasing me!" She yells and I give her a confused look. Luke picks her up, placing her on his hip.

"Who's Will Smith?" Luke asks her an she points to Ashton. We both look at him questioningly and he shrugs.

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