"So, uh, come here often" A cocky voice said behind me, barely audible over the sound of the music flowing through the speakers in the small pub. I swivel around in the bar chair, my brown hair flaring out slightly as I do so.

"Geez, a bit rusty with our lines are we?" I smirk, raising my brow at the blonde boy in front of me.

I look him up and down, from his obviously dyed blonde hair down to his non-fitting skinny jeans and back up, my blue eyes landing on a small scar on his bottom lip for a few seconds before finally moving up to be met by his skin-crawling stare.

He was hardly attractive, that being a bit of a generous statement, and also clearly extremely hormonal and cliche, as well as down right full of himself, for what reason I could not decipher.

Not quite my type.

"Got your attention, didn't I?"

"You had it, for a second. But you lost it. Sorry to ruin your master plan but you're gonna have to find some other girl to suck your dick. Someone with much, much lower standards" I emphasise the word much before grabbing my drink and placing the black straw between my teeth, sipping on the alcoholic beverage.

"Oh, I'm sure I could. But, you see, I didn't come over here looking for an easy target. I prefer a challenge" He winks at me and I almost vomit at the sleazy boy in front of me.

"Honey, not interested" I give him a sad smile and pat his shoulder, before swivelling back around and looking out into the crowd, searching for my best friend who had ventured to the toilet a few minutes ago.

She was probably in there giving someone a hand job at the moment, though.

She's not a whore, she just has a lot of experience in that area.

"Come on, don't be so difficult" The same guy said behind me.

"First you want a challenge, and now you think I'm being difficult. Make up your mind" I roll my eyes, not bothering to turn back around and face him.

"Whatever. Only an idiot turns down Matt the amazing" He says and he walks away. I can see him striding through the pub out of the corner of my eye.

I wait until he's out if view before bursting into laughter.

"What's so funny?" An all too familiar voice says from in front of me.

I look up and see my best friend, her green eyes wide and confused and her blonde hair slightly frizzed.

She hasn't drank as much as she usually does, so far, and I was glad. I'm not in the mood to deal with her drunk behaviour right now.

"I just had a run in with 'Matt the amazing'" I curl my fingers in the air in front of me, quoting the ridiculous sleaze-bag.

"Oh my God. He came up to me earlier and was all like 'Hey baby, I'm Matt but you can call me anytime'" Chloe imitates him with her best manly voice, flexing her muscles beside her. I burst into another round of laughter, her joining me. "I did meet this one guy when I was coming out of the bathroom though. He was gorgeous. I'm gonna go back and talk to him again, I just had to check on you"

"Since when are you the one that has to check up on me, Mrs Let's-have-3-more-drinks-even-though-I'm-already-drunk-out-of-my-mind" I roll my eyes at her and sip my quickly vanishing drink.

"Imagine that on your drivers license." she laughs. "Now, you can either sit here like a loner or you can come join me. He has a friend" She sings the last part, wiggling her eyebrows at me suggestively.

"No thank you"

"Come on Kate!" She whines and I roll my eyes at her childish tone.

"Chloe" I say sternly.

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