"You've never been on a camping trip?" Calum asks, his mouth wide open in disbelief and I try not to puke from the remnants of mushed-up food inside his mouth.
"Never. Not even close to one" I say, sipping on my chocolate milkshake. I ate the last chip off of my plate before I pick up my burger, sinking my teeth into it.
We were in a nice little cafe, just eating lunch and talking about random things and its got me thinking. Maybe this whole more-than-one-friend thing isn't too bad. So far, anyway.
"Ok, that's it, when I get home I'm organising one and you, my friend, are coming" He says, starting on his chips. He'd already eaten his burger and he was almost finished his milkshake.
"Do I have a say in this?" I smirk, taking another bite from the delicious hamburger.
"Nope" He says, smiling as he puts a chip into his mouth and I almost laugh at his goofy grin and wide, innocent eyes. "I can't believe you eat the chips first" He mutters, shaking his head at me as if I just committed murder.
"I can't believe you eat the main thing first!" I say, shaking my head back at him.
"You don't want to fill up on chips before you start the actual thing you ordered" He points out.
"Yeah, but you want to save the best thing until last" I shoot back, raising my brow at him.
"Touché" He says and a snort escapes me.
"Basically" He shrugs, stuffing a handful of chips past his plump lips.
"Shit! I only have 15 minutes left!" I gasp, looking at the time on my phone. It's about 7 minutes to the shop and I still have to finish this huge burger.
"Ill help you eat" Calum says and I thank him, cutting the burger in two halves and giving one to him.
Usually I don't share food, as it is one of my favourite things in the entire world, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
We finish the burger just in time and then rush out of the cafe, with 8 minutes to spare.
"That was the best break I've ever been on" I tell Calum and he smiles.
"Well, you are about to have the best camping trip you have ever been on, too"
"It will be the only camping trip I've ever been on" I remind him.
"So, you are coming?" He grins.
"You said I don't have a choice" I shrug.
"Damn straight I did" Calum says proudly and I can't help but roll my eyes at him, laughing softly.
After 5 minutes of aimless chatter, we are back at the shop.
"Thanks Calum" I smile at him.
"No problem, I'll see you soon, yeah?"
"Most likely" I nod and he smiles. "Bye Calum"
"See ya Kate" and with that, I turn and walk into the shop, flipping the sign around and turning on the light before moving behind the counter, waiting to see where the day takes me.
"Calum was saying something about a camping trip?" Chloe asks me, raising her brow as she sits down on the lounge next to with her container of fried rice on her lap. After I got home from running some erands after work, and when Chloe returned from Michael's, neither of us could be bothered to cook so we ended up just going to get some Thai food. So we rocked up the restaurant in our pyjamas and picked up some dinner, getting a few strange looks from lots of judgemental people.
Chloe turns side ways and crosses her legs, and I do the same so that we are facing each other, our food in our laps.
"Yeah, he's practically forcing me to go" I sigh, stabbing at my rice with my fork, getting a chunk of chicken and shoving it ungracefully into my mouth.
"You should" She nods.
"Only if you do"
"I'm sure I will probably end up going, anyway" She laughs, rolling her eyes.
"I don't doubt that" I mutter.
"Luke is pissed" Chloe informs me.
"You went out with Calum" She shrugs.
"Oh my God. I can have more than one friend, can't I?" I sigh. I swear this boy was like a teen girl.
"Someone changed their opinion pretty quickly" Chloe smirks.
"Oh hush, I need some kind of back up for when you and Michael elope and disappear somewhere in the fucking Bahamas with your pale-arse creeper kids" I say and feel rice spray across me as Chloe howls with laughter. "Lovely" I say sarcastically, wiping at my face.
"Sorry!" She gasps, still laughing.
"Yes, you sound very sincere" I mumble, wiping the rice off of my hand and onto her leg, making a disgusted noise come from her.
"Anyway, Luke is a nice kid and I think you guys could be really close if you give him a shot. Remember what I said about seeing someone? He might be that someone" Chloe says, suddenly going serious on me again. I almost laugh at the words come from her mouth, the idea almost preposterous.
How could Luke and I ever be something more than friends? It just wouldn't happen.
"Not in a million years"
"You'll say that now, but just wait a little while and you'll be taking that back" She smirks, giving me a knowing smile as if she can suddenly tell the future or some shit. I wasn't buying it.
"Oh poppycock" I say, shaking my head and waving her off. "Anyways, did Michael ask you out yet?"
"No, but I think he will soon. He's taking me somewhere tomorrow night and he said its a surprise" I can tell she is trying to stay calm even though I can see that the excitement is brewing inside of her.
"Let it out" I sigh, rolling my eyes and preparing myself.
I wince as a high-pitched squeal fills the room, and the clapping of hands joins the sound, making a ruckus.
"I have to look amazing" Chloe reminds me, sifting through all of the clothes in her wardrobe.
I watched her search for an outfit from her bed, her eyebrows drawn together in concentration, her mouth in a hard line.
"You could wear a potato sack and Michael would still think you're the greatest thing to ever walk the earth" I remind her, picking at my nails.
"You're probably right, but still" She sighs and I let out a laugh. "What about this?" She asks, holding up a white dress with a brown belt already around it. It was strapless and tight at the top but more flowy at the bottom and it looked about knee length.
"Perfect" I smile and she flashes me a grin, picking up a pair of brown gladiator sandals to complete the look.
I lay back on her bed, staring at the ceiling, and I hear her leave the room, muttering something about her hair and makeup.
I don't bother going to help and she doesn't bother asking me to. We both know how useless I am with that type of thing.
So I just stay on her bed and pull my phone from my pocket, unlocking it to see I have a text message.

Calum told us about the camping thing. We are going next weekend. You don't have a choice.

Shit. They were actually serious about all this.
Next weekend. That was a week and a half away. Hopefully that will be enough time for me to organise time off work and properly prepare myself for the mental damage these boys are sure to cause me.

I guess I will see you then.

"Katie! Get your ghetto booty in here now!"
"You have fun now" I told the two teenagers as they walked towards our front door. "Bring her home safely if you want to keep your penis" I warn Michael and he holds his hands up.
"Don't hurt my weeny" He says, sounding fearful.
"As long as you never call it that again, we shouldn't have an issue" Chloe laughs. I smile and wave at them as they leave our apartment, stepping out into the corridor and leaving me alone.
Chloe always hates leaving me to myself. She knows that I always get... destructive... when I'm alone.
It took me an hour to assure her that I would be fine.
To be honest, I spent that hour convincing myself as well.
I will be fine. It was only until tomorrow morning, it'll be alright. As long as I distract myself, I should survive. I don't want to be upset tonight, but I know that I'm going to need a pretty damn good distraction to avoid that.
So I picked up my phone and heaved out a sigh, almost cringing as I pressed on the contact, ringing and almost forcing them to come over.
I'm desperate and I don't want to be alone. It had to be done.
I browse through the movies on the hard drive connected to our TV. There was a terabyte of films and television shows on there so I should be able to find something to watch.
When I finally pick a movie, I get some blankets and slip on some warm clothes, getting comfy on the lounge and fighting off the cool Autumn weather. It was near the end of May, winter was just next month and you could really feel the season change.
My doorbell rang and I let out a deep breath, not wanting to get up but I knew I had to as the door was locked.
I struggled to my feet and waddled to the door, not wanting to unwrap myself from the blankets I was surrounded in.
"Hey" I breathe.
"Hey" Calum smiles.
"Where's Luke?" I ask, looking around Calum to see that the blonde boy was nowhere to be seen.
"Out with Ash" He shrugs. I could've sworn he said Tash but I know my ears are probably just playing tricks on me.
"Fair enough. Well, come on in" I say, hopping out of the way so he can step in.
"You look warm" He laughs.
"That's the point" I remark, hobbling back over to the lounge where Calum joins me seconds laters.
"It's cold. Give me some blanket" He pouts and I sigh, unwrapping about 10 centimetres of blanket and handing it to him.
"Oh thanks" He says sarcastically.
"Ugh, fine. Fussy much?" I roll my eyes and unwrap some more, giving him enough so that he can cover is whole body.
"Thank you" He smiles and I nod, picking up the remote and playing the movie.
"Hey! Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist! I love this movie!" Calum exclaims when the start begins to play on the screen.
"Yep, that's great. Talk and get castrated" I warn him and he doesn't utter a word for the rest of the movie.

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