The end of the week had finally rolled by, and it was now 3pm on Sunday afternoon. We had finished packing the van, and decided to take two cars when we had about 2 seats free afterwards. So, Luke and I got into the first car, and every one else jumped into the other, preparing themselves for the 7 hour car ride to Crescent Head that awaited us.
"Are you going to teach me to surf?" Luke asks, his eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree as soon as I pull onto the road.
"I don't know if I'm good enough to teach, but I'll give it a go, if you're lucky" I smile at him.
"Chloe said that you are amazing"
"Chloe has to say that because I buy her food"
"I think it's true" He beams at me and I poke his shoulder.
"You better not go to sleep on me" I warn him.
"Promise I won't"

He broke his promise. By 8:30, he was out cold. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before though, he was so excited for the next week. He was almost bouncing off of the walls and it was adorable. So I got a coffee from maccas to keep me company instead, letting him off the hook. Only an hour to go.
I changed the song on my iPod, so that it was now playing Anchors by Amity Affliction. I tapped the wheel with the music and occasionally stole glances at Luke, not being able to resist. With his pouted lips and innocent expression, it was almost impossible to look away.
He really was one of the most beautiful people I had ever met, inside and out. He had no hate or resentment towards his parents for what they did, if anything he was understanding. He didn't hate anyone, not even those that broke him, and I adored that about him. He was so strong, and funny, and he could make me laugh in the worst of times. He made me so very happy and honestly it scared me.
I know my head is in the clouds and I'm blinded by my own feelings for him, and he probably couldn't do anything wrong, but I still had the fear of him leaving me one day, and the only light in my life that seemed to illuminate my every being, would fizzle out and become nothing but ashes that once was something amazing and warming.
Sure, there were warning signs going off every time he held me, and my brain still shook its head whenever I would laugh at his horrible jokes, but I ignored them. Because I was happy. This could all go to shit one day, but I will deal with that when it happens. I am happy. I am finally truly happy, and it's one of the greatest feelings in the world.
I wasn't letting my mind get the better of me. I was taking risks that I wasn't used to taking, and so far it had led me to amazing things. I had always been a little bit troublesome, doing things I knew I shouldn't, but I never dated to tread these waters. It was exhilarating, being like this with someone, and it was a buzz I could definitely get used to. I just hope Luke will be around long enough for me to do so.
"What are you doing to me, Hemmings?"

"Welcome home!" I exclaim, turning the key my boss had given me in the lock of the humongous, modern beach house. Everyone was gaping at the sights around them as we walked inside. It looked like something out of a movie.
With high roofs and white walls, the house littered with all types of typical beach house decorations that had been scattered so messily, but so expertly.
"This place is amazing!" Chloe squeals, dragging her suitcase behind her. I put the keys down on a table near the front door and walk into the kitchen, finding a note with a map, of the house I assume, connected to it. As well as a list of all these places that we might want to visit.
"Do you want to sort out rooms before we unpack the car?" I ask and everyone joins me in the kitchen as we decide sleeping arrangements. Once we finish bickering over who gets what room, we begin to unpack the car, everyone just wanting to hurry up and get into bed.
With the bags in the right rooms and the food in the kitchen, we agree that that's enough for tonight and all head to bed.
I let out a tired sigh when I get under the covers, feeling relieved at the warmth and comfiness of the bed underneath me. I lay on my side and close my eyes, almost asleep instantly but my mind is reeling with thoughts of Luke and I find it almost impossible. Then my door creaks open, making me shoot up with fright.
"Sorry!" Luke squeaks with a hushed voice.
"Luke! You scared me half to death!" I gasp, my hand over my chest.
"I didn't mean to, I just couldn't sleep"
"Luke, you've been in bed for 2 minutes" I sigh.
"What? No, it's been like 2 hours. It's 1:30 in the morning, Kate" He whispers. Had I really been thinking about him for 2 hours.
"Why couldn't you sleep?" I ask him.
"I had another nightmare" He says sheepishly.
"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask him.
"It was just about that night when I found you, again" He mumbles, scratching at his neck. That had really traumatised him. He had had nightmare after nightmare because of that night and I felt horrible for being the cause of his restlessness.
"Come here" I sigh, pulling back the covers and he slides into the bed next to me, the mattress dipping under his weight. "I'm sorry you keep having dreams about that Luke. But it's okay, I'm fine and I'm still here, all because of you. Stop worrying about it, it's fine" I whisper to him, kissing his forehead softly and he wraps his arms around me, nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck. He cuddles me like I'm some sort of stuffed toy and he's a 3 year old boy, but it feels nice. I run my hand through his hair mindlessly, admiring how young he looks with it down and not in it's usual coif. "Goodnight" I mumble.
"Goodnight beautiful" He says into my neck, kissing it a few times afterwards and I fall asleep in Luke's arms, my heart still fluttering like crazy.
In the morning, after escaping Luke's iron grip and leaving the house silently, I grab my surfboard out of the car, putting my wetsuit over the top of my bikini that I had sneakily thrown on inside.
I struggled a bit, it had been a while since I had worn one of these, but soon I was completely covered from my neck to my ankles, only my head, my feet and my hands popping out. Grabbing my surfboard from the roof racks of the van and putting on some more wax, I put my hair up in a ponytail and run onto the beach, instantly relaxing when the sand finds it's way between my toes.
The water isn't as cold as I was expecting when I step into it, putting my board down in the shallow knee-deep water and wrapping my leg rope around my leg. I push the board out until the water is waist-deep and then I jump on it, my legs stinging slightly from the quick impact but it goes away soon enough, along with every negative thought in my mind as I paddle out the back.
I sit there for a few minutes, just slipping my hand into the cool water and lifting it out, liquid rushing between my fingers as I do so. I take a deep breath, the familiar salty smell of the ocean filling me up, and finally, I am home.
I see the set starting to form way out before me, the waves backing up and taking shape at a size of about 2ft.
Spinning my board around to face the beach, I quickly paddle as hard as I can, and as soon as I feel the wave pushing me forward, I jump to my feet. I don't bother trying any tricks, seeing as it's been so long since I've surfed so my moves are bound to be a little rusty. So instead, I just ride across the face of the wave, looking down as the water rushes below me. I've always been in love with this feeling, the feeling of gliding on water. With a whole other world below my feet, I finally felt like I had a purpose.
Not a single bad thought or feeling ever invaded my mind whenever I was surfing. I only felt euphoric, and like nothing mattered but me. The ocean is my happy place, the beauty of it setting me free from all my pain like a key to my jail cell of hurt that I seem to be locked up inside of all the time.
Lately, I had found another key, though. It was Luke. Luke was an escape, his arms doing to me exactly what the ocean does.
The wave closes out behind me and I pull off the back, getting back onto my board and paddling back out, catching wave after wave until I get the confidence to start doing tricks.
I'm not sure how long I'm out there for, but by the time I get out, my arms are jelly and I am out of breath. The smile on my face doesn't falter for even a nanosecond, not even when I put my board into the shed beside the beach house. Not even when I take my wetsuit off under the outdoor shower and replace it with a towel. Not even when I pass the noisy voices in the kitchen, if anything it makes my smile grow larger.
My grin remains while I take a shower, and I'm in such a good mood that I even start to sing while I wash the salt out of my hair. Because at the moment, I don't care about someone hearing me sing. I don't care if it hurts their ears. I don't care if I sound like nails on a chalkboard. I simply don't care, because I'm way too happy to.

I put on some sweat pants and a singlet, leaving my hair out to dry, before running downstairs to the kitchen to have some breakfast. When I get there, the noise has disappeared and Ashton is the only one that sits there.
"Morning Ash!" I chirp, grabbing a box of corn flakes from the cupboard and pouring them into a bowl, along with some milk.
"Woah, you're in an abnormally good mood. Who are you and what have you done with my bitchy friend, Katie?"
"I'm allowed to be happy" I laugh, shrugging.
"Indeed you are" He smiles. "Hey, we all saw you out there"
"You did?" I groan. Okay, maybe I cared a little bit about them seeing me, but I had my reasons.
"Dude you are fucking amazing" He says in disbelief, taking a bite from his vegemite toast.
"You are so stereotypical" I laugh, scrunching my nose at the sight of the horrid stuff.
"Shut up, Vegemite is sex" He mumbles defensively.
"It takes like vomit"
"You look like vomit"
"Thanks bro" I roll my eyes at him and put my now empty bowl of cereal in the sink, looking at the clock and seeing it is 10:30. I must have been in the surf for at least 3 and a half hours. Fuck my shoulders are gonna be sore tomorrow.
"My pleasure" He grins and I pat his head on my way out of the kitchen and I walk into the lounge room where Calum and Michael are yelling at the TV.
"Katie!" Luke giggles, holding his arms out to me and I take a run up before jumping onto him, undoubtedly breaking every bone in his body. "Oh God" He winces, holding his leg and I shrug at him. "Good surfing babe" He says, putting his arms around me.
"You were absolutely carvin' it up, bruh. I was stoked, dude" Luke says to me in an exaggerated 'surfer' accent.
"Get back to the valley, kook" Calum says in the same way, quoting Lords Of Dogtown.
"I haven't seen that movie in so long" I sigh, leaning back into Luke. He grabs each of my hands in his, linking our fingers together and playing with mine.
"We should watch it" Chloe suggests, watching the screen intently.
"I have it on my hard drive" I say and Luke tuts at me.
"Illegally downloading things. You are such a horrible influence on me"
"You illegally downloaded an album the other day" I point out.
"You're corrupting me!" He shrieks and I wince as his loud voice is right next to my ears.
"I'd like to keep my ear drums in tact" I sigh, rolling my eyes at him and he laughs. "I'm playing next" I call, watching them click the buttons on the guitar controllers. Good old Guitar Hero.
"Sure, but good luck beating Michael 'big guns' Clifford" Michael tells me, not even flinching away from the
screen for a second.
"You're such a douche" Calum laughs.
"Shut up, 'Cash Money'"

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